Preliminaries , Part: 1, Section: 1

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concepts


The Prerequisites of the Possibility of Forgery - or:

How  Jesus monkey-Christ turns  into a money-Christ



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It is about the year 800. The pope of Christian sect knows to come up with a sensation. Supposedly, he all of a sudden had found a charter that has been handed over by Roman emperor Constantine to the Christian sect already a half millennium ago. “God” is his witness that he is not “lying” and “deceiving”. 


It is hardly credible what all sorts of things the Christian barbarism wants to get “donated” by that Roman emperor, so to speak without saying a word:  Almost that much the devil promised Jesus  in the desert when both had an encounter on the temple’s pinnacle (see: Lu 4:4-7):  The (political) reign over the city Rome, primacy over the own Christian competitors and rivals, the ownership of entire Italy - and with its  possession of millions of slaves that diligently had to make money for the Christian Fuehrer that is called pope.  However, not only that! That would be much, much too less for the sheep’s clothing  of “humbleness", “modesty", the "service to the next “etc. 


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the entire Western part of the Roman Empire. That means he possessed -- among others -- countries like, for instance, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Yugoslavia or Germany respectively big parts of those countries that belong to the mentioned ones, today. However,  even that was enough for  voracity   of " humility ", modesty " or " charity ":    The Roman Christian Fuehrer “humbly” and “modestly” derived by that charter  the prerogative to   appoint the profane sovereigns in the Roman empire as his subservient slaves . It is a matter of course, that under those circumstances only a perfectly Christian brainwashed one was allowed to become king.


Alas, alas however – the pope hypocritically argued that nobody but him had recognized such a charter pertaining to its significance that „donated“ half of then known world to Christian barbarianism. By it, that heinous Christian sect really grifted one third of the European continent by this subreption that was fabricated by itself.


It still took about further six centuries to convict the Christian barbarians of having forged that “charter of donation”. That occurred in the year 1440. Christian barbarism is taking advantage of that abominable felony until today.


The Constantine subreption feigns a „donation“ from ancient Roman emperor Constantine  what generally the Christian are used to faking  concerning  “god”.   That means the pope creatively applied the Christians’ general deceit about god to the Roman emperor, in addition.  Obviously, the pope thought: We (Christian slaveholder) that successfully fake to be on good terms  with god having got from him, e.g., “the authority to bind and to loose on Earth what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven”.  Why should I (pope) not lie and deceive correspondingly to the emperor?


Hence, the Constantine subreption of Christian sect is a imitation of their deception on god with regard to the Roman emperor.  If the plot works regarding god, why not concerning the emperor?  This is Christian “spirituality” of the Constantine subreption!


 The megalomaniac ones want to be the greatest by stopping at nothing. They contrive, fabricate, forge, crib and commit crimes, outrages and even the (almost) perfect crime in order to achieve this aim.  No splendid plume might exist they do not want to have it for their own. 


Once, the author of this treatise contacted a criminal that was sentenced because of thieveries of luxury cars. 


The author asked him why he perpetrated those crimes and the criminal answered: “I even want to drive Mercedes and BMW”. Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) do nothing else. They say: Even we (Christians) do not want to be always the lastbut reputed to be the “first ones”. Even we (Christians) do not want to be regarded the “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) but as the “the healthy” and that those who do not comply with our demands are to be reputed the „last ones“! That is why Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) perpetrate foul play, crimes, bestiality etc. -- as any ordinary criminal commits foul play.



Comparing the Constantine subreption with dimensions of today would mean that Christian terrorists would plunder all big banks of the world today and at once.  Concerning this subreption, the pope terrorist thought, obviously:  Why shall we always fake that „god” donated us the world and all the human beings as sheep (“slaves”)? Why not applying the same fake to the emperor? 


Therefore, he perpetrated the subreption of the corresponding document or ordered a monastery to do that.  According to that it was lied and deceived that  Ancient Roman emperor Constantine “donated” one third of Western Europe, including the „church state“ in Middle Italy (whose relict the Vatican of today is!) to Christian terrorism. However, that was not all! The pope terrorist even faked that Emperor Constantine ordered each following Roman emperor to be (subservient) sheep (slave) to Christian pope terrorist …! Thus, very, very typical of Christian that miscarriage of nature of Christian pope terrorist even cribbed the splendid plume of the emperor and strutted strutting in that.



However, here is more to say than that. The pope terrorists inadvertently and indirectly debunk  by the Freudian slip of   Constantine donation that the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') allegations of being  on good terms with other  superior authorities like, for instance, god is only the same lie and deception as  the Constantine „donation“.  As already mentioned the Christian terrorists fake that “god” allegedly has given the world and  whole humankind as “sheep”  (slaves) so some conceited and megalomaniac Christian felons claiming to be “shepherds” (slaveholders) to those „sheep“. Such fakes are components of the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') (almost) perfect crime.


 The Constantine subreption indirectly unveils that almost everything in Christian terror sect is faked and forged and thus deception.  What the Christian Mafiosi are used to faking with regard to god, they even faked to Emperor Constantine.  Again, one superior authority purportedly has given everything Christian Mafiosi’s megalomania desire …!   That is why  Constantine “donation” is a Freudian slip of Christian sect debunking that each claimed advantage and preference for the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) by superior authorities (e.g., god) is just faked, lied and deception serving the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') selfishness.


Such crimes, such forgeries, such felonies do not grow on trees. There is a transcendentalism of subreption, i.e., the premises and possibilities of forgeries and crimes.


The Constantine subreption came into existence in Christian terrorism because it is an analogous application of the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) deceit about god!  It came into existence because the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) thought: If we always fake successfully to our fellow human beings that “god” gives us everything our megalomaniac and depraved heart desires, who on Earth shouldn’t we fake  the same towards the emperor, successfully?  Our conditioning and brainwashing of our fellow human beings turned out to be that successful that we can palm off everything on our brainwashed fellow human beings …!


 Hence, the  Constantine “donation” came into existence because the pope terrorist thought human beings that goofy “sheep” that they believe everything the “shepherds” palm off as “truths” on them. That is what the Christian schmuck of priests hide behind excuses of the “weakness of the flesh” or of the “failure of some individuals of the church”. Even faking the latter belongs with the (almost) perfect crime, Jesus "Christ's"   and the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) goal. The crime must become unassailable because it if is assailable it is no perfect crime. So, brutes have to put on a sheep's clothing to become unassailable.



Too many individuals took part in that crime of the Constantine subreption, in particular too many popes’ terrorists. Already for centuries ago, pope tyrants claimed the faked “donation” until about the year 800 on pope desperado had the cheek to present such a forgery he committed or ordered to perpetrate.  Too many popes’ terrorists knew that it is about a subreption but benefited from it.  When keeping the stolen good, they admitted the subreption but did not give back what they got by that felony. That is a continuous perpetration of that outrage, until today.



That all solely is past that has gone? No, painful presence! In German-speaking countries, like for example Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Christian sects directly steal the money from the salaries or wages of their slaves. The employer has to pay off the sect’s "protection money" ("membership's fees") as the taxes to the state and the state gives the money to Christian sects.


 Christian sects ”substantiate" their robbery of the sheepdogs' (mentally manipulated individuals) money by "arguing” that the state took off its estates when the so-called secularization in Europe took place. However, Christian sects took hold of these estates essentially by the "Constantinian" subreption and other abominable deceit.


Those are awful (Christian) barbarians disguised as clergymen! 

The so-called “secularization “is only a euphemistic term for the fact that Christian swineherds' stolen property was removed from them and transferred to the real owners. So, the so-called "church's tax" in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is just a compensation for most abominable subreption and deceit that ever took place. 



Remember this: The Christian swineherds' sect and its Mafiosi or terrorists ask for compensations if they are not allowed to benefit from the forgeries of documents and other felonies any longer… In addition, their conditioned German sheepdogs --   prostrating before those felons in order to kiss their rings -- allow that (religious) Mafia to do so...

Christian swineherds' sect profiteering from their execrable bestiality while it is stirring up their German sheepdogs against its competitors and rivals libeling them -- not Christian sect! -- as evil profiteers. That is the lunatic asylum, where a barbarians' sect is setting the moral standards...


Before we allow those who are interested in it to put patches and blinders on our eyes, by feigning "weakness of the flesh" or any other alike stupidity we here put the fundamental question about the preconditions of the possibility of such a gigantic subreption.  Otherwise, if requested we are also ready to expound those “weaknesses”  of Christian conspirators just because both is the same in the end. In order to answer that question we first have to respond to the following queries:


1.    Is it thinkable at all, those barbarians of such colossal subreption that thus want to bag off with a continent ever could feel being obliged to truths?

2.    That means, do not we have to recognize by means of such a subreption that here it is about a barbarism of thorough fraud, deception, cheating, falsehood and lies?

3.    Does not one have to be prepared that an organization that steals almost a continent by falsely appealing to a (forged) emperor’s charter, in the same false manner appeals to "god" in order to make off with all the human being as their (subservient) “sheep" (slaves), e.g., by faking prophets or fabricating members of the "god’s family" or even by making a "god" (or better: a golden calf) of its own? What is the difference between the first and the latter?

4.    Doesn’t such an unscrupulous subreption -- like the  Constantine one -- produce evidence that it is about ruthless people that really stop at nothing in order to grab the advantage of their own?

5.    Isn’t it a matter of course that an organization (barbarism) that fakes appealing to an emperor in order to steal, will not fabricate a similar unscrupulous feigned appeal to the god for the advantage of its own?

6.    Did not such a subreption like the “ Constantine donation” occur in Christian barbarism because the appeal of Jesus and the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) to the God is no different subreption than that of the “ Constantine deed” just with more huge benefits for the deceivers outwitting the conspecifics?  

7.    What was at first: The corrupted Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) trait that perpetrated that subreption or that forgery that corrupted the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') trait?



The concerned Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) certainly and furtively deny that all because everything is at the stake for him – like the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) denied the mentioned felony of subreption for six centuries, i.e., so long they were not undoubtedly convicted that felony. 


The „Constantinian“ felony of deceit of Christian sect is an immediate and creative application of Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ coaching of (Christian) foul players and/or felons.


Obviously, the pope said to himself that Christian sect makes that much money, fortune and power by successfully faking a special relationship to “god” so that they really almost got “all kingdoms  of the world” as Satan promised to Yehoshua (Jesus) when encountering him in the desert (see: Lu 4:5f).  If faking a special relationship to “god” is that profitable, why not do so concerning the emperor that he had given everything to us our (Christians’) lust for power is longing for? This, the pope tyrant obviously thought. Therefore, he did and perpetrated the “Constantinian donation”. That is the way Christians’ felony (foul play) of „Constantinian“ fraud came into being.


Therefore, the „Constantinian“ felony of deceit is an immediate application of the Christian faking about a „special relationship“ to god, now applied to the emperor (Constantine).  The pope obviously pondered if something works concerning “god”, it evenly has to work regarding emperor (Constantine).


Hence, one can realize that many foul play the Christians pompously  try camouflaging as depraving and deterioration of the „fine tenets“ of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus „Christ“) in truth is nothing but a genuine application of the tricks and ruses of foul play the mon(k)ey-Christ coaches to his fellow Christian desperadoes.  More over, hereby is demonstrated that Christian foul mouth and foul play does not grow on trees but have prerequisites of their possibility. How else an organized crime can veil itself it their crimes are apparent? Who knows a better trick, a better ruse if crimes and atrocities are apparent?




 If one considers that those convictions of the subreption of the "Constantine deed" already took six centuries then one can imagine that to convict their false and faked vocations to the god respectively their shamming god Jesus takes still much more time.  Christian barbarism even has taken care for it. Did not Christian barbarism burn or murder each that was able and courageous to convict it subreption, deceit, slavery and barbarity?


And here again we  immediately have to put a few questions:

From barbarism that perpetrated so many murders for its dissemination and maintenance – yes that even decimated populations of entire continents -- one has to expect that it will lift up one of them for faking prophet, son or even guardian of god just in order to sham and pass off those streams of blood as “milk” and “honey” to others?  Whoever perpetrated such abominations and atrocities like Christian sect is even capable of the (almost) perfect deceit and crime! Let us ask in the manner of the instigator (Jesus "Christ" ) of this barbarism: What is easier to claim that one is son or guardian of "god" or to slaughter entire nations? 


Christian barbarism already perpetrated such murders even before they took over power from Emperor Constantine in the beginning of the fourth century.  This is already witnessed by nobody less than the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') god's brother James, indeed in a letter that is also contents of the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') New Testament – that means their “god’s word”.  James who was called “the just” wrote about his brother's barbarism about in the year 45 CE -- presumably when his brother Jesus still lived  -- as we will proof in other context:


Jas. 4:1-2 RSV

1 ¶ What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you (Christians)? Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?

2 You (Christians) desire and do not have; so you (Christians) kill. And you covet and cannot obtain; so you (Christians) fight and wage war...


Therefore, from its very outset Christian barbarism is demonstrably a gang of murderer and warrior against humanity, human rights and humankind. For this concealed truths one even can name as witness one of their saints, their “martyrs”, yes even the brother of their god or golden calf.  

1.    Will not such murderers and warriors lift up one of them to the god in order to sham their dark nature as a moral one?

2.    What is easier to slaughter or to pass off one of their warriors as the god?

3.     Do you expect something else from such depraved creatures the history of that barbarism proves and James described?

 Until the present day Christian barbarism benefits by that felony of forging the „Constantine deed“. If they cannot but conceding their bestiality, they do it but one thing, they will never do at any price: to renounce or to stop profiting by their crimes.

Last not least another question: How many people did Christian barbarism murder just because they called that  Constantine deed a subreption and not true, i.e., who did not name -- very obediently and very well conditioned -- lies truths on the one hand and truths lies on the other hand, as their Christian swineherds wanted them to do? 




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