March 12, 2012 – Twelve Years after the First Admittance of the Christians’ Crimes

A Ditty, in Exchange for the Hell on




Hans Atrott

Author of the book

Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”[i]



·         A ditty in exchange for about 300 million bestially massacred skeletons in the closet…


·         Christianity – the absolute world-record holder of lying


·         Jesus “Christ” – the same fake of “martyr” like the now admitted Christian terrorists


·         The fouls, perfidies and spite continue without a break


On March 12, 2000, in broad terms, the Christian pope admitted that what all his predecessors, i.e. fakes of infallibility, unshakably lied: the crimes (cant of perfidy: "love") of the Christians. The now divulged criminal record of Christianity is to summarize in the following way:


      I.   Crimes  “committed in the Service of”[ii]perfidies that lies are reputed as “love," “charities” and the “truths” or that the world’s  top criminals are reputed as “martyrs of the  truths,"


    II.    Bestialities “against the People of Israel,"[iii]


 III.      Atrocities against “Peace, the Rights of Peoples, and Respect for Cultures and Religions”[iv]


 IV.      Cruelties against the “Dignity of Women (e.g. “witches”) and the Unity of The Human Race”[v]


    V.     Enormities “in Relation to the Fundamental Rights of the Person”…[vi]


One can also summarize this criminal record by a quotation from the Christians’ fake of “Holy Writ” or Quip:


2Pe 2:12 NRSV

 12 These people (that do not comply with the Christians’ lust for powers), however, are like irrational animals, mere creatures of instinct, born to be caught and killed.


 In greater detail, 22 remarks for the catch-22 situation in which this sect has placed itself:


1.)     The Christians demonstrably can live with ruthless lies about themselves comfortably, even for millennia.


2.)    This criminal record proves that lies are very profitable. Demonstrably, by unshakably lying and deceiving about one's criminality, thieves murderers, and Mafiosi  even can get the "moral reputation" of "upholder of moral standards," they never would have attained when keeping to the truths.... Isn't it? This record proves that Christianity is a crime by which Mafiosi under pretence of a "religion" successfully trick n' shift by foul play that what they cannot get if keeping to fair play.


3. ) By this partly criminal record first time admitted on March 12, 2000, the Christians turn out as the humankind’s top species of dangerous criminals.


4.) Unshakably lying for millennia furnishes evidence that Christians of all  individuals  are the least credible ones. Only mugs n’ schmucks trust in those compulsive liars, i. e. Christians.  No honest organization could keep lying for centuries and millennia, not to mention while sham being “martyrs of the truths." Even people with a vestige of compassion could not perpetrate those bestialities the Christians now admit having committed. There is no more abomination like the Christians are.  


5.) Christians are not only bastards perpetrating terror and bestialities[vii] but also dastards shamming their bestialities as “love” and their nature as terrorists as “martyrs”… There is no more disgusting abomination like Christianity! There is no more perfidy like one of the Christians!


6.) The Christians -- camouflaged by the perfidy of “martyrs for the truths and love” --  hereby debunk themselves as the absolute world-record holder of liars. Who can outdo the perfidious Christians lying for about 2000 years…? A very case for the Guinness’ book of world records!


7.) This admitted criminal record of 03/12/2000 unveils the Christians' blather & baloney about protection of lives as a joke fussed by Christian priests n’ beasts or murderers and mass-murderers. From whom  lives are more to protect as from the Christian murderer and mass-murderers (cant of perfidy:  “Pro-Lifers”)…?


8.) An organization with such a criminal record has forfeited its right of existence.


9.) By the now admitted criminal record,  the Christians debunk themselves  as the top dangerous species of terrorists and Christianity as the top evil in the world masked by perfidies of the (moral) reverse.


10.) The "suffering" of Satan's catamite or  Jesus “Christ” is the same lie as the one about Christian criminals and terrorists as “martyrs” suffering “martyrdom”… I.e. the Christians applied and apply to their fellow desperadoes and terrorists “only” the same scam of perfidy as to their foremost felon, impostor and terrorist from the death row, i.e. Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus Christ)!


11.) The admittance of Christian terrorism does not annihilate the reasons for it.


12.) The admitted criminal record of 03/12/2000 furnishes evidence: Christianity is the top successful attempt at the (almost) perfect crime (terrorism),  in history of planet Earth and at present!


13.)The Christians presume to  “donate” a ditty in exchange for about  300 millions of tormented, tortured and massacred humans murdered by Mafiosi camouflaged by Trojan Horses, i.e. perfidies, of the very moral reverse, i.e. “love," “charities," “commitment of one’s next," “compassion” and even ”self-sacrifice for the benefit of others”…! Who knows a more repugnant matter? Who knows more wretched and detestable dastards like the Christian are?


14.) By the now admitted criminal record, the Christians disclose themselves as the top deadly threat on humanity and all humankind and its survival. Already therefore, the Christians constitute a right of self-defense against themselves. Everybody has the right to torment and jail the Christians before he becomes jailed or even burnt alive by the dregs of humankind in a dastardly fashion.


15.) Being able to lie about such crimes in such a contumacious way means being capable of each other lie (e. g. purported “miracles," especially, Jesus’ “rising from the dead”) and to each other possible crime, respectively, terror.


16.) The partly admitted criminal record unveils the Christians’ purported “prediction” of a downfall of humankind as the very program of the Christian Mafia.  


17.) The “right” of the Christians to pose as “upholders of moral standards” is the Mafiosi’s “right” to puff up towards the shoplifters… It is not to assume that the Christian Mafiosi faking to be “gods” to “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) morally even can cope with the top life forms of mammals and marsupials.


18.) The ditty of “repentance” is an additional perfidy that shall keep Christian terrorism working with impunity. Losing political power increasingly, the perpetrators are afraid to get that what they never got but lied having received…


19.) The denials of their crimes, the Christians already started with Jesus’ felonies of criminally usurping the political power (“King of Israel," Joh 12:13) in then Palestine and his as his fellow terrorists’ abomination of arson on the Jerusalem Temple reported by “The Gospel of Peter." Imagine what the Christian wolves in a sheep's clothing would wail and howl if someone set fire to the Vatican…! Therefore, the planet’s top felon fairly got maximum penalty, which he shrewdly dodged by a stuntman. His "divine" "resurrection" took place in the following way: He was in need of explaining why he (the purportedly executed one) still was alive and someone else, who should be alive (Judas Iscariot), was dead… Relating too many truths, “The Gospel of Peter”, e. g.,  divulging the mentioned arson, became removed from the “New Testament” to which it originally belonged (Conon Muratori). Here, the Christians already begin their perfidies of lying the criminals as “martyrs” and they compulsively will continue to do so…! Repressing this start of their lies about their crimes, demonstrates the hypocrisy of the fuss of their “repentance”.


20.) Christian “morals” (cant of perfidy: “love”) are perfidies designed according to the requirements of the (almost) perfect crime and the terror of terrorists (cant of perfidy:  for “martyrdom” of “martyrs for the truth” demonstrably lying for millennia)… Whatever clashes the Christians, i.e. the embodiments of fouls and perfidies, start at present, the Christian terrorists pose as the "martyrs" and spitefully libel  their victims as "the terrorists"...  Always, the old scam of the perfidious...! Nothing has changed.


21.) The perfect crime is achieved if even the perpetration of the utmost bestialities and cruelties does not mar – not to mention: impede -- the “moral reputation” of the perpetrators. In what way did the admittance of March 12, 2000, i.e. of being the world’s top liars and murderous Mafiosi, harm Christianity…? Christianity already is a perfect crime.


22.)  The abominations mentioned as Topic 3 turns Christianity out as the top enemy of freedom of religion, i.e. freedom for Christianity and the human right of freedom of religion is an antagonism. There is no more fiend on religion like the Christian Mafia. It is the evidence that the human right of freedom of religion only is to accomplish in the absence of Christianity. History proves that freedom of religion excludes the existence of Christianity.  As far as the Christians differ from an organized crime of  deceits, thefts, murder and mass-murder, they know that "Satan disguises as angel of light" (2Co 11:14), in particular, by perfidies. Satan obviously was the first-ever Christian and his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) the second one... If Satan is afraid to suffer  punishment  ("martyrdom") for his abominations (cant of perfidy: "martyrdom"), he even "repents" them (without asking the victims). Dastards only can prevail on the defenseless. The prey trusting in its slaughterer is a defenseless one.  For two millennia, the Christian confidence tricksters, foul mouths and dastards only could win against the defenseless.


Jesus is the "God" of mine,

So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!


“Blindness in regard to Christianity is the essence of criminality —for it is the crime against life." (Nietzsche, Ecce Homo)

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Hans Atrott



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