Atrott’s Christian Watch – October 2011 Christians:

The Christians’ Clashes  with the Muslims in Egypt

India and China next?


Hans Atrott

Author of “Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”[1]


1. The world top terrorists and their refined perfidy of shamming to be “martyrs”


2.  Stirring up the Christian countries for another crusade in the Middle East?


3. There are Christians in Egypt since the Muslims do not murder Christians like Christians always murdered Muslims


4. The Christians’ lunacy of prohibition of divorce the cause of all the recent clashes


5.  Southern Spain (Andalucía) – the evidence that Christians and Jews peacefully can live together with Muslims


6.  A letter the author got from South Africa pertaining to Egypt and the Christians


6.1 Contemporary Christian terrorism in Egypt

6.2 History of Christianity in Egypt



1.      The world top terrorists and their refined perfidy of shamming to be “martyrs”

The record of crimes with which the Roman pope came up on March 12, 2000, firstly proves Christianity as humankind’s top bestial terrorism, secondly only has a program of killing their rival and thirdly, that the Christians are the world’s top perfidious hypocrites and liars (cant of perfidy: “martyrs of the truths”)[2]. What a miracle that the planet’s top faking “martyrs for love” purportedly always being “innocently prosecuted” admittedly turn out as  the planet’s top terrorists …! The Christians never could play their game of refined hypocrisies and perfidies without giving the blame for their crimes of  their megalomania and lust for powers, e.g. of fancying being the “successors of the pharaohs” in Egypt, to their victims. Everybody is invited to prove how else one implacably can lie about one’s crimes for about two millennia…  

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz[3] and Russian Novosti[4] -- beyond suspicion of being bias to Islam --  the Christians time and again started the clashes and again and once more contumaciously lie being the “martyrs." Always, the same scam!  Undoubtedly, the Christian, i.e. perfidious, “martyrs” again were armed and fought with weapons[5] during the last clashes of the last week with Muslims. A small consideration: If the ancient Romans really would have killed all the perfidious “martyrs” of Christians, perhaps in the year 100: Then, possibly about 20.000 dastardly terrorists full of hate, perfidy and depravity, i.e. Christians, would have died. However, the about 300.000.000 corpses of Christian terrorism -- the pope admitted on March 12, 2000[6]  -- would have lived a normal (good) life. Referring to a terrorist from the death row, the Christians desire to tell us that it is very, very “love” that about 300.000.000 innocent victims had died and about 20.000 Christian, i.e. perfidious, terrorists did not get the punishment they deserved… "Only” during the crusades, the canting Christians massacred about 20 millions Jews and Muslims. What the Christians fail to see is that the pope’s admittance of March 12, 2000 constitutes a right of self-defence against (perfidious) Christians. Who can forbid fighting against the world’s top organized crime of murder and mass-murder?

2.      Stirring up the Christian countries for another crusade in the Middle East?

When Egyptian Christians go to the US embassy in Cairo[7], the apparently ask for a new Christian terrorism (argot: crusade) on the Muslims. When ancient Rome became Christian by state terrorism, there only  5 %  of the population were Christians. 5 per cent could violate 95 per cent! In Egypt and India are more than 5% of the people Christian. Why should not Christian terrorism (cant of perfidy: “miracles”) succeed, once more? Canting themselves as “martyrs” the Christians excellently are skilled! This is the consequence of the pope’s admittance of criminality of Christianity as terrorism veiled as “love."  The perfidies by which the Christians cant their foul mouth and foul play, endorses it. Everything else, in particular, the Western media’s reports are hypocrisies and perfidies, unless instigation to (Christian) terror.

There is  no   splendid plume the Christian thieves would not pilfer. Such one is not only America, U.K. or France but also Egypt,  Israel or India. The Christian terrorists dastardly a) destroyed and will destroy everything that is not Christian as soon as they cribbed the political power to perpetrate their terror and b) as the very charlatans, they  suffer from delusion of grandeur being the owner of everything valuable in the world. No wonder that those creeps n’ crooks fancy being Pharaohs of Egypt. Without lie, hypocrisies, perfidies and deceit, there is no Christianity.

 Those who fight for Christianity perhaps save a few lives but demonstrably cause the mass-murder of thousands. In ancient Rome, the Christians faked the same “harmlessness”  as they do so now, and they will perpetrate that terror  they did,  in case of regaining the corresponding power.   

3.      There are Christians in Egypt since the Muslims do not murder Christians like Christians always murdered Muslims

The existence of Christians in Egypt originates from pre-Islam times, i. e.  is due to the Muslims’ tolerance.  The Muslims had the power to do that what the Christian terrorists perpetrated on them: to extort them to join their denomination, expel them from the country or to bestially murder them.  This is the “love” the Christians “bestowed” to the Muslims in Southern Europe, some centuries ago. Today, the Egyptian Christians thank the Muslims  their tolerance (that they did not murder them like they murdered the Muslims) by playing the rulers of Egypt:  They (the Christians) sham being the successors of the Pharaohs and “Muslims (about 90% of the population!) being ‘guests’ in Egypt."[8]  Guests have to leave the country after a certain period. Hereby, the Christians constitute a right of self-defence of the Muslims against themselves. Everybody has the right to oust the Christians before he becomes ousted by them. Everybody has the right to jail Christians before he becomes jailed or kidnapped by them. 

·        What would the Western people say if Muslims would introduce themselves as the owner of their country, e. g. of America, U.K., France, Germany or Spain, etc.? 

·        What would the Western media say if Christians in their own country would call legalization of divorce by the state as an impertinent “interference in the Christian affairs” like the Christian terrorists in Egypt  do so…?[9]


4.      The Christians’ lunacy of prohibition of divorce the cause of all the recent clashes

The Egyptian Christian terrorists should stop perpetrating their lunacies on divorce instead of stirring up the Western world for another terrorism of crusades which the Christians “innocently” call “charity”!  The Christians’ lunacy of prohibition of divorce only shall serve the Christian camouflaged terror: “Jesus came to crucify the world” (The Gospel of Philip). Egyptian wives wanting to get a divorce from their husbands only can do so by converting to Islam what even Camila Shehata --  the wife of a Christian priest did[10].   The Christian terrorists  tried impeding that  by kidnapping her. (Of course, the “martyrs of the truths” with the top record of crimes of terror contest everything, at least for about 2000 years!).

The clashes that are reported  now from Egypt are due to the Christian lunacy or attempt at terror of prohibiting divorce what  Catholics even do so in the state of Malta (member of the E.U.) and in most South American states. The number of Christian women converting to Islam on account of divorce is rapidly increasing in Egypt. The Christian terrorists in Egypt see their hopes dashing. Unlike in the Christianly enslaved World, in Egypt there is an alternative to Christian terrorism! [11] The Christians obviously kidnapped many women, and the Muslims wanted to free them. This caused the clashes of last year, in January 2011 and last week in Egypt. In January 2011,  two women directly converted  from the sect with top record of crimes, i.e. Christianity,   to Muslim Jihad and fired with guns on their former Christian accomplices who wanted to torment them by prohibiting divorce (“Jesus came to crucify the world”) and even kidnapped them, before.  (Christian) “love” became returned by  (Christian) “love." One also can categorize this as an inner Christian terrorism. Kidnapping is nothing unusual for Christians. The author of this release also became kidnapped by Christian authorities in Germany, at the instigation of Christian authorities.  Kidnapping and killing always have been the Christians’ "love" towards the enemy…  As in Egypt,  all the Christians in Germany would perjure being completely “innocent” and only “martyrs of love and the truths”, at least for about 2000 years…  What a mess that unlike the German one, the Egyptian state does not allow and does not aid Christian terror…!

5.      Southern Spain (Andalucía) – the evidence that Christians and Jews peacefully can live together with Muslims

For about  seven centuries – as long as Islam dominated Southern Spain (Andalucía) – Christians, Muslims and Jews more or less peacefully lived together. The terrorists, i.e. Christians, changed this matter by murder and banishment when they conquered the country in the 14th century. The terrorists, i.e. Christians, always tried getting rid of their rivals by mass-murder with one exception: the Jews. Since they dream forcing the Jews one day to acknowledge the death penalty convict, they fob as “god” off on the world, the Christians continuously tortured and tormented the Jews but did not extirpate them like they did so regarding Mithras religion, Manichaeism, the Mayas and Incas, etc.  Nevertheless, the Christians and the media of Christians countries continue giving the impression as if the Muslims were terrorists and not the Christians. Fighting terrorism first means fighting Christianity! 

Hans Atrott 10/11/2011


A Letter the author got from South Africa pertaining to Egypt and the Christians

After having published the information above, I got a letter from South Africa on the topic Egypt and the Christians. I think it also is worth reading it, and therefore, I publish it below, with the consent of the author:

6.1 Contemporary Christian terrorism in Egypt

You go to the depth of the truth when you talk about “Egyptian” Christian terrorism camouflaging as “Martyrdom”. I tell you more facts, which you might not know, because I am Egyptian and lived there all my life.


1-           Egyptian Christians are known for their mutiny against the Muslims in Egypt. They were accomplices to foreign invasion of Egypt, if it is not interfering with their affairs and their claims as they are the legal owners of the land and history of Egypt. During the crusades in the middle ages, they supported the Crusaders at first …… But after they saw what the crusaders did (not to the Muslims of course, because they were welcoming every bad action done to Muslims or Jews) to any Christians who does not belong to the Catholic sect (All Crusaders were fanatic Catholics and they dreamed to exterminate the Muslims first and then they will have time to convert those astray Christians (Orthodox, as Protestant movement had not been born yet) to the Catholic faith. So, they saw what they did to the Orthodox in Palestine and the parts of Lebanon under Crusaders’ occupation like Sydon and Tyre ….. They nearly exterminated them. Then they changed their alliance to the Muslims as national brothers ! ….. They did not involve in the war against Crusaders actively, but they stopped being traitors and being a secret thorn, spear and sword in the back of the fighting Muslims. During the time when Napoleon tried to occupy Egypt ….. There were famous Christian traitors like (Bartelman) who was well appreciated by his French masters and they appointed him as the senior tax collector of the occupying French authorities  ….. He mistreated the Muslim farmers so much that he was killed and his Christian accomplices in an uprise during the last days of the brief French occupation of Egypt. After the French left Egypt, the Coptic Church denounced Bartelman and his Christian allies and said that they are excommunicated from the church for the mutiny against the Egyptian people especially our “Muslim brothers” …… The same like the Dutch Reform Church denounced apartheid during the year 1991 when the apartheid regiment was gasping its last breath and the black dominion was clear in the sky….. They denounced the same regiment on which they thrived and from which they benefited for hundreds of years and in return they supported it and found the religious background to support it (are not the blacks the sons of the cursed Ham “son of Noah” ? ….. They deserve the eternal curse and deserve to serve as slaves their masters , the sons of the good sons Yafeth (the father of the white man) and Sam (the father of the jews).

2-           Christians tried to manipulate Nasser in the early 60s ….. But Nasser, like Stalin, was not amenable to be manipulated easily ….. Their pope demanded an independent , or at least a confederate, state for the Copts in southern Egypt ….. With its capital the city of Assiut, a city known for having half of its population being Christians. Nasser chuckled at the suggestion and threatened to detain the pope. Nasser also had a very strong domestic intelligence agency …. Among the Christian priests and clergy, there were agents of Nasser domestic intelligence agency and he knew a lot of shameful things about that pope (some weird sexual activity like homosexuality ! ….. It is said that he got photos of his abnormal sexual activities and threatened him to publish it all around the world !). The pope swallowed the threats of Nasser and was reduced to an obedient dog during the Nasserian era !

3-           The recent Christian fanatic behavior and animosity to Muslims (to the extent of denying the Muslims’ right to be Egyptian …… As if, for a Christian to change his faith from Christianity to Islam, is also changing his nationality from Egyptian to Saudi ….. The opposite happens when a Muslim converts to Christianity, not any Christianity of course but the Orthodox Coptic one, will have the Egyptian nationality conferred on him at once !) dates back to the early 70’s when Nasser died and Sadat took power ….. Nearly, after few months, the gay pope died as well and a new pope took power (Shenouda , the third) ….. He was clean, no files against him in the intelligence agency. Not because he was honest, but because he was more clever than his predecessor and also because Sadat denounced the way Nasser was running the country because it even touched him as they were spying on him even in his bedroom ! ….. So, we got a new president and a new pope ….. That pope was known to be fanatic and extremist (he was a founding member of the Coptic Nation League which is like a secret mafia among the Christian community ….. and like the Mafia , everybody denies its existence, even its members , yet it exists!). He was preoccupied with the idea of an independent Coptic state and he knew that he could not have it in the near future ….. He resorted to wits and tried to simulate the Israeli example when the state of Israel was actually born in 1898 in the first Zionist conference in Switzerland (in the city of Basel) presided by Theodor Hertzel which founded the roadmap for the birth of the state of Israel 50 years later. He took advantage of Sadat preparing for the Yom Kippur war and retaliation for the 6 days war (June, 1967) defeat and began to squeeze him for profits and assets for the Coptic community ….. Examples : “ We want more Christian ministers in the cabinet…. Two are not enough, whey not three or even four !” …… “Why are Christians not represented fairly in the high ranks of the government officials, the army and the police force …. We need more Christian high officials, and more army and police generals !” ….. “ There are not enough churches for the Christians to pray …. In each street, we need a Church as long as there a Muslim mosque in that street …… Never mind there are not much people going to those churches, we will mobilize people from all over Egypt to visit every church in the country, especially those churches in remote areas where there are not much Christian inhabitants”  …… Sadat agreed to some of the demands and refused some ….. When he agreed, the pope tells his followers (secretly) “we are victorious ….. I am the leader who will lead you to final victory” ….. When Sadat refused some of the demands ….. The pope began to wail about the persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt and that they were denied their rights by the Islamic tyranny. After Sadat was victorious, at least partially, in Yom Kippur war ….. He began to change alliance from the East (Soviet Union) to the West (USA and Western countries) ….. The pope found it a precious chance to squeeze more and more out of Sadat because many Christians immigrated during the Nasserian era to USA and the west and some of them reached high ranks there and they are more in contact with decision making in those democratic western countries ….. Even those western countries are pro-Christians rather than the atheist Soviet Union. So, he began to group the Coptic Diaspora in western countries to form some political lobbies on the leaders of their countries ….. He began to visit the Diaspora in the west and erect Egyptian churches in America and every city in all western states to group the immigrant Egyptian Copts …..  Sadat was increasingly under pressure from inside (the pope ) and outside (his new western allies) to give more concessions to the Christian minorities ….. The demands were getting higher than having churches or some generals in the army and police ….. “ We want a quota in the parliament ….. At least a quarter of the parliament should represent the Coptic Christian minority” though they do not represent except 5 – 8 % of the Egyptian population …… At most 10% if we consider the Coptic Diaspora. “ We do not want just ministers in the cabinet ….. We want high ranking ministers, like a Coptic prime minister, minister of defense, interia or foreign minister”…. “We want to be consulted about the policy of managing the country and we must have a veto or at least a say in the critical decision of the affairs of the country” …… He was actually acting as the Jewish Shailok  in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” …… In addition he tried to revitalize the old forsaken Coptic language ….. It is a hybrid language between old Egyptian, Nubian and a lot of old Greek language (which the Greeks themselves abandoned and use the modified Hellenic language)…… He was (and still is) planning to announce it as the language of the new Coptic state in Upper Egypt ….. Again, the Israeli example of reviving the Hebrew language after 3000 thousand years of being in the museum of languages and In synagogues! …….To this extent, Sadat could not tolerate this blackmail anymore ….. He told the pope and the Christian minority “Enough is Enough” ….. I would not tolerate it anymore ! ….. The pope began to plan some problems for Sadat with his western allies ….. Once Sadat went to USA after signing the treaty with Israel and winning the Nobel prize for peace and he considered himself as a hero for both war and peace, but he was received by demonstrations from the Coptic Diaspora at the airport carrying slogans describing him as the dictator or Egypt ,oppressor of the Copts, and Nero (slayer of the Christians) of the modern age ..... This touched him badly and made him madly angry of the pope because he knew that those Coptic Diaspora are just marionettes in the hands of the pope and he controls their strings while he is sitting in Egypt. Sadat entered into a state of bald and frank conflict with the pope ….. He told the Christians that he no longer recognized Shenouda as the pope of the Christian minority and he is not allowed anymore to deal as a mediator or representative of the Christian minority and the state. The pope was exiled to a remote monastery and a papal council was introduced to officially represent the Christian minority ….. Many Christian did not like this, but no one of them could not dare to defy Sadat during that moment of rage. Shortly, Sadat was assassinated and there are claims now that Mubarak had something to do with the assassination of Sadat.

4-           In the reign of Mubarak, it was the golden era for the Coptic Christians …… The pope was reinstated as the sole representative of the Christian minority …… The Christians got thousands of churches erected , even in the remotest areas of Egypt. The state was lenient when a Christian church or a monastery expands its area and claim adjacent public or state owned properties and began to erect buildings on them and put fences around those properties ….. Though carrying firearms is prohibited in Egypt, except for the army and police force ……. The sate , secretly, allowed the Christian churches and monasteries to stack firearms, swords and fighting knives for claimed self defense. Mubarak was intending to have his son as a successor for the throne of the pharaohs ….. He was hoping to have the blessings of America for this transition of power …… The pope claimed that he has authority in the white house through the Coptic Diaspora who got some places in the congress and employees of the White House …… So, Mubarak gave concession after concession to the Shailok pope and allowed the churches to detain (and even secretly kill) any Coptic Christian who dares to convert to Islam ….. The stories about those detainees , some of whom disappeared completely, are so terrible that no body could believe them. Even so, the pope did not stop barking about prosecution of the Coptic minority by the savage uncivilized Muslims when there was a normal fight between a Muslim and Christian family in some rural area in Egypt ….. A fight that happens daily in every place in Egypt and no body cares about it ….. But when a Christian is killed during one of those fights, there is always the pretext of Muslim savagery and tyranny …. Though, at the end , he never forgot to praise Mubarak and his son for trying to stop those massacres and tyranny of the uncivilized Muslims !

5-           During the revolution in January, 2011 ….. The Coptic church did not participate in the demonstrations ….. The only Christian sect which participated in the demonstrations in its early days was the Anglican Church ….. They announced their solidarity with the demonstrators since the early days of the revolution. While the main bulk of the Egyptian Christians (Coptic Orthodox sect) announced that they are supporting the president against those mops who are ignorant of the threats facing Egypt and the interests of the nation guarded by the president. Even Shenouda visited Mubarak in his palace to show him that he is (and the Orthodox Copts) are standing solidly behind him against those ignorant mops. Just before the fall of Mubarak by one day, when it was evident that he would not be able to resist the Egyptian Tsunami anymore, did the Egyptian church miraculously (it seems that virgin Mary came to the pope in a revelation and told him to choose the side of the people rather than the president!) changed sides and they suddenly became revolutionaries and fighters for freedom against the tyranny of Mubarak ! And we began to see the black hooded priest in Tahrir square in the last day of Mubarak as the ruler of Egypt ….. And they began talking about sharing the free nation after eras of tyranny ….. They began to move politically to monopolize the new regiment and wailing as victims of tyranny during the Mubarak era , though they were his faithful supporters to the day before his last day ! …. They began to talk badly about the Muslim Brotherhood who had the greatest share of success of the revolution and ousting of Mubarak especially during that incident known as the “battle of the Camel” that I sent to you previously. They were afraid of the uprise of the Muslim Brotherhood and began a propaganda campaign about militant Islam, radical Islam and the Egyptian Talibans …… They began to take advantage of the post-Mubarak chaos and demonstrate demanding a secular state and denouncing an Islamic religious state (while there is no religious state in Sunni Islam (rather than the Shiaa Imam in Iran)…. In Sunna , there is no Imam, so there is no Sunni Religious-Political leader ….. And the Taliban regiment in Afghanistan was made by the US and branded as “made in USA” to make a joke about Muslims and their mentality!) …… At the same time, in the state of chaos, they were actively building unauthorized churches and confiscating state owned lands and when the state or the people of the area claim the land back they begin to wail about the persecution of Christian faith in the lands of  “Coptic” Egypt ! ….. Usually the state authority is not there, and the people have to take law in their hand and remove the unauthorized building ….. But they first have to face the bullets coming from inside the unauthorized church ….. After many Muslim people die, they manage to topple the building and retaliate for the dead people ….. Then the wailing and crying begins about the “Christian innocent Martyrs slain dead by the savage Muslims”. Even during the last demonstrations in Maspero (in front of the State Television Building), it is the Coptic demonstrators who started the fight with the army forces guarding the building ….. They started to stab the soldiers with knifes and sprayed them with bullets from firearms hidden under their clothes …… That is a peaceful Coptic Demonstration ! ….. They wanted to lure the Muslims Brotherhood into a street fight , they know that they are going to lose it , but in front of the eyes of the world, they will be the innocent sheeps slain by the savages ….. But it was the army who retaliated and fought fire with fire ….. So, they withdrew out of Maspero and began to terrorize people in other areas of the city of Cairo and other major Egyptian cities.

6-            The whole idea behind this all is to terrorize the military council and threaten it by foreign intervention so the members of the council will succumb to the Coptic “Shailok” demands which will never stop till Egypt is divided like Sudan and there is the “Coptic State of Southern Egypt” ! ….. God forbids


That is a summary of a very long story of an ambitious pope who wants to see the birth of his dreams before he dies, so he hastens everything up and takes advantage of the post-Mubarak chaos to make his wicked dreams come true.



It is a very long letter , but I had to tell you the historical background of the Christian chaos spreading now in Egypt ….. For a Coptic Christian, it would be better to live under Israeli – Jewish occupation rather than living with the Muslims …… This feeling is not shared by other Christian sects like the Catholics and Anglicans (nearly 1-2 % of the Egyptian population) …. They also complain about tyranny ….. But not the Muslim tyranny, but the Coptic Orthodox tyranny …… They claim that the Coptic Orthodox pope is monopolizing the speech in the name of Christianity in Egypt and they do not have a say with the authorities because the authorities only listen to wailings and barks of the Coptic Orthodox pope alone ….. They complain that the Coptic Orthodox treat them as foreigners or infidels rather than Christian brothers ….. And they believe that if the Coptic Orthodox became victorious in their war against the Egyptian state, they are going to be next victims and there will be religious cleansing against the Catholic and Protestant Copts similar to Balkan wars waged by Orthodox Serbia against the Catholic Croatians and the Muslim Bosnians.



6.2 History of Christianity in Egypt


The world has to know that the history of Christianity in Egypt is the history of deceit and mutiny. Now, the masks of sheep are down and the wolfs’ faces are evident under them.


Let me remind you of some old history of Christianity in Egypt.


1-   Christians in Egypt claim that they are heirs of Saint Mark as in his last days he settled in Alexandria and died their ….. So the Coptic Christian church is known as the Church of Mark in contrast with the Vatican which belongs to Peter …… The Egyptian Coptic Christians hate Peter to the same extent they adore Mark.

2-   One of the early fathers of the Coptic Christian Church, as you well know is Clement of Alexandria …… The same one who rote the famous letter where the mention of “Secret Gospel of Mark” first appeared. And you know well that the same priest or father recommended his pupil “Theodor” to deny the presence of that gospel, he already admitted its presence, even under oath ! ….. It is simply a preach to commit the crime of perjury ! …. And the following fathers of the same church are following their preacher (Clement) in denying the truth and committing the crime of perjury during every breath in their lives ….. They are actually breathing the air of lies and without it they would die of poisoning from air pollution (fresh air is poisonous to them !).

3-   The early Christians of Egypt could never tolerate the presence of Gnostics or infidels or idolaters in Alexandria …. So, old Egyptian temples were ransacked and destroyed …. Many idolater Egyptians were persecuted and killed ….. Like Hypatia of Alexandria who was killed by the direct orders of Coptic pope (Cyril of Alexandria, or as they call him Saint Cyril) whose hands are full of blood of many peaceful Egyptians whose only mistake that they did not believe in his man-made God ….. And the same man-made God could not tolerate other man-made Gods like Amon , Raa or Isis ….. They even stole Egyptian symbols ….. Like the picture of Isis nursing Horus , they metamorphosed it into Mary nursing baby Jesus ….. The Egyptian symbol of “Ankh” or the key of life, they metamorphosed it into their cross symbol.

4-   Egypt was presiding and controlling the Christian world during the first 4  centuries ….. The Egyptian priests were very active during the first 3 Christian conventions especially the Nicean convention where Christianity, as we know today was born …… It is the only time in history where a religion is decreed through a convention where the heads and fathers of the so called believers determine what to believe in and what not to believe in ! ….. It reminds me of the birth of the state of Israel which also was decreed by a UN resolution rather than a normal birth of an independent nation or the will of the people of the land !

5-   To have a place as a holly nation and keepers of Christianity, the Egyptian priests (perjurers as claimed by Clement) invented the visit of baby Jesus to the holly land of Egypt ….. Mathews later believed that lie and put it in his book as a prophecy of the birth of the son of God “Jesus” as mentioned in Isaiah “ From Egypt I called my son !) …. While this son was not meant to be Jesus but it is the tribes of Israel getting out of Egypt to the promised land ! …. But , we all know that whoever wrote those diaries of Mathews was tailoring all the prophecies of the old testament to suit his so-called God …. So, he believed the Egyptian lie and found it a chance to put another faked bogus prophecy in his diaries about his God !

6-   As you may know, Jesus never came to Egypt ….. It is mentioned in Luke that baby Jesus stayed in the Galilee till he came to Jerusalem for the census ….. And by mere logic, not a Christian logic of course ….. How could a family , in the Galilee (Northern Palestine) escape from the Jewish King by passing into the heart of the Jewish land to reach Egypt ….. Why to escape south, not north ! …… Why not go north through Lebanon or Syria ….. Why escape into the heart of Judea to gain the Nagav desert, then the perilous desert of Sinai and Eastern Egyptian desert to reach finally at the banks of the Nile ! ….. This is nonsense and unbelievable ….. During the 1948 war or Israeli independence war ….. Those Palestinian families from the Galilee, who left their homes, did not go to Egypt …. They fled to Southern Lebanon where Palestinians refugees’ camps are still there till now …. Those from central Palestine fled to Jordan ….. Those from southern Palestine fled to Egypt ….. That is the logic and what can be logically accepted.

7-   Another fact, Egyptians were known for their inclination to document everything in their life …. And this is the root of the fact that, Egyptian bureaucracy is the deepest rooted bureaucracy in the whole world ….. Thousands of documents were found in the pyramids’ area describing how the builders of the pyramids lived and what they consumed during the 30 years of building the great pyramid of Cheops ….. Every detail, even how many tons of onions, how many sheep, calves, fishes they consumed …… There were only two incidents that were lost in the Egyptian bibliography ….. The incidents of the Israelites coming to Egypt at the time of Joseph and their going out of Egypt at the time of Moses …. And the so-called blessed visit of the holy family to the land of Egypt …… They are completely absent from the whole Egyptian history ….. The first one was logically justified ….. The presence of the Israelites in Egypt was a disaster …. Economic one as they abused the Egyptians due to their economic power and mentality …. You can see this how the stole the gold of the Egyptians before they left with Moses (Exodus) …. Also, the complete loss of the strongest army in the whole middle east by the trick of that magician called Moses ! ….. The strongest army in the whole old world is completely annihilated by a magical spell of a Jewish Magician ….. How humiliating ! …. So, the Egyptians tended to forget about this disaster and erase that memory out of their memoirs other on the stones of their temples or their papyrus. I think after that tragic incident where a whole army is perished under the waters of red sea , there was a frenzy of wiping out all that memories related to the presence of Jews in Egypt in addition to this tragic unprecedented accident. But , on the other hand , why nothing was mentioned about that blessing visit by God or the son of God ! ….. Not even a piece of papyrus dating to that time mentioning that blessed incident ….. Complete silence ! ….. Then, when Christianity invaded Egypt, there was the mention of that visit ! …. Is it not weird ? …… I believe it is a fair compensation for the early Egyptian Christian fathers for the bad memory and bad mention of Egypt in the Old Testament ….. As you can see that the Old Testament is humiliating Egypt and the Egyptian badly and describing them as barbarians or enslaved the chosen people and who were punished badly by the divine wrath due to their mistreating the sons of God …. Even, the Old Testament describes the Egyptian belonging to the disgraced race (Hamitic) ….. Or the sons of Ham who was disgraced by his father (Noah) for peeping into his father’s private moments when he was heavily drunk and naked …. So, this son was disgraced and was reduced to the father of black people (cursed people according to biblical definitions!) and the Egyptians ! …. So, in the new testament …. God smiles in the faces of the Egyptians again and sends his son to shelter in it on the banks of the Nile till his time came and he returned back to Palestine to start his fight against the Jewish tyranny which ended in his execution. As you can see, it is a fake Egyptian glory !

8-   After the fourth Christian convention of Caledonia in 451 , the church of  Rome was finally victorious over the Egyptian church (church of Alexandria) ….. And the Egyptian church was excommunicated out of the following conventions and the unique Coptic Orthodox Christian church evolved after this convention. Then, started the Roman persecution of the Christian Egyptians ….. They were considered as infidels and anti-Christ by the Romans ….. While the Egyptian Coptic Christian Church considered all the other churches, even the orthodox ones like that of Constantinople or the Byzantine Empire as infidels and are distend finally to hell …. Only the Coptic Egyptian pope have the keys to heavens conferred to him from Saint Mark personally ! ….. Egypt was still then a Roman territory and persecution started and the orders from Rome were “Believe or be killed” ….. And the difference was about the nature or phases of Jesus, whether they are two different ones (Divine and Human) as the rest of the churches believe or one inseparable phase (both of them are melted in the body of Jesus as one phase) that only have two expressions or faces (Divine and human!) …. Anyway, many Egyptian Christians were killed for their belief by the Christian Romans ! They name that time as the age of Martyrs !!!! (And they remind the Muslims now of this age or era as they are calling the recent era as the second age of Martyrs!) ….. Then a liberator came , It was Amr Ibn El-Aas , the leader of the Muslim army coming to liberate Egypt from the Roman occupation and liberate the Egyptian Christians from the Roman persecution. Amr came with only 10,000 Arabs and defeated about 120,000 Romans soldiers …. Egypt was then about 2 millions …… So, how comes that those 10,000 Arabs bred to be around 72 millions Muslim Egyptians, and the 2 millions Egyptians (not all of them were Christians at that time, there were still idolaters especially in upper Egypt and Nubia in the extreme Egyptian south near Sudan) have increased now to only 5 to 8 million Coptic Christians around the world ! …. Is not it a silly joke ?! ….. Amr controlled Egypt and Egypt now belonged to the spreading Islamic empire and its people , though Christians, are protected by the Muslim laws and citizens of the Muslim state. Not one church was destroyed ….. The pope , who was hiding in the western desert, was re-instated as a representative of the Copts of Egypt. During that time of persecution, many Christians fled to the desert and started a hermetic life there which became a trademark for Christianity (hermits and nuns).

9-   By time, many Christians turned into Islam , yet , Egypt did not become as an Islamic state (with a majority of Muslims) except during the Fatimid era (nearly 400 years later) ….. Bud during those 400 years, Egypt was a Christian majority ruled by Muslim minority. Compare this with what happened in Andalusia few years after the fall of the last Muslim strongholds in Cordoba !!!! ….. But when you mention this fact to a Coptic Christians, he chuckles at you and say , it was not Islam who kept us or did not destroy us ….. Muslims wished to destroy us, but God is our protector and he kept us in spit of your devilish tricks to annihilate us …. He kept us during the Roman persecution and he is keeping us now during the Islamic genocide that continued for more than 14 centuries ! …. That is what they believe and their perjurious fathers teach them since the time of Clement of Alexandria. By the same ill (unhealthy) logic, it seems that God loved the Devil or Lucifer (King of Devils) because He is keeping the devil till now and did not destroy him ! Anyway, it seems that everything is possible with the Christians, especially the Egyptian Christians.

10-                  The Christians do not learn from history of the region (Middle East) and Christian minorities there ….. As you may remember, there was a civil war in Lebanon that started in 1975 and ended in the late 90’s ….. Lebanese Christians were the ones who raged that war …. They got their own militia (the Phalanges, named after the Phalanges of General Franco during the Spanish civil war). They felt that the presence of Palestinians in the Lebanese territory will change the balance of power in Lebanon towards their rivals (the Sunni Muslims). The Christians had the presidency while the Sunni Muslims had the prime minister in the Lebanese quota system. The Shiaa are holding the presidency of the legislative assembly. The militant Palestinians are Sunnis and joining their forces with the Lebanese Sunni Muslims is affecting the Christian supremacy in the Lebanese affairs and changing the balance of powers towards the Sunni side. The civil war started by the Christian Phalanges attacking a bus carrying Palestinian workers massacring around 50 Palestinians and shredding their bodies and announced that this is just a warning for the Palestinians and their allies …. The Palestinians must get out of Lebanon and their allies (the Sunnis) must know who is powerful in this country …. Then the war raged and Lebanon was divided into a North Sunni …… Middle Christian and South Shiaa …. Even the capital Beirut was divided into Eastern Christian and Western Muslim ….. And passing the line of division that time as if passing the lines of hell …. People began to hide themselves …. Many Lebanese carried many ID’s (Muslim and Christians) to show to the militia terrorizing the cities of Lebanon according to the kind of those militia ….. I know some Christians with Muslim names like Muhammad and Ali …. And Muslims with Christian names like Peter or Mark ….. Just to hide their identities from the enemy sect then. The war ended with the Christians the biggest losers ….. They were degraded as a minority now in Lebanon but with no power politically or economically ….. They were defeated both physically and economically ….. They kept the presidency after it was dismantled out of any power ….. The Sunnis also lost a lot ….. They were victorious but they became tired and exhausted from the long war ….. The Shiaa gained everything after the war ….. They kept their power because they did not involve in the war …. So, after the warring parties were exhausted and were negotiating peace, the Shiaa evolved as the dominating power in Lebanon …. That is Hezbollah of the Shiaa of Lebanon. So, the Lebanese Christians lost a war they were deadly sure that they were going to win. They lost their dignity, power and influence in Lebanon.

11-                  The Iraqi Christians were the first to welcome the American military intervention in Iraq ….. You see know the massacres that happen to them and the Americans could not protect them. Their number were alarmingly reduced in Iraq down to nearly zero level while they represented around 3 – 4% of the pre-war Iraqi population , either by killing or forced migration. Now, the prime minister of Iraq is begging them not to leave the country because they are an original component of the Iraqi people and the authorities of Iraq do not want to lose that important cultural, linguistic and historical component. The Christians of Iraq also lost when betting on the American protection.

12-                  That is a short history of Christianity in Egypt …. If you join it with the previous, most recent history, you get the history of deceit and perjury mixed with false arrogance …. That is the history of Coptic Orthodox Christianity.

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