The  cynic triumph of  Christian perfidies: One  fussily "mourned" casualty in return for innumerable millions of skeletons in the own closet

Written by

Hans Atrott

Author of the book “Jesus Bluff  – The Universal Scandal of the World”


And I (James) answered and said to him (Jesus): "Lord, do not mention to us the cross and the death, for they are far from you" (The Gospel of James). [i]


What callous, ruthless, unscrupulous and cynic the Christians are, lamenting and crying about one casualty (Jesus) they purportedly had while repressing the hundreds of millions massacred skeletons in their own closet![ii] Who knows more cynic individuals than the Christians, especially on Fraud n' Cynic Friday (cant of perfidy: “Good Friday”)? Even if everything what humankind’s top liars[iii] allege would be true  – what by far is not the case – the double standards of perfidies, e. g. of being most sensitive in getting and non-sensitive in handing out, are grim. There are more cynics ridiculing brain, reason, compassion and truthfulness of humans than ones of the Christians, especially on Fraud n' Cynic Friday! Cynics pure!  

 If a stunt for execution takes place, two things will happen: 1.) The delinquent, who should be dead,  is still is alive (and sometimes lies having "risen from the dead") and 2.) somebody else, who should be alive is dead (The death of the stuntman mostly is lied by ghastly contrivances).  Hand on heart, do not the Christian cynics claim their foremost impostor being alive after his “execution” and his former treasurer (Judas Iscariot), i. e. an accomplice of high confidence, as dead, of course, by as dire as contradictory stories about his death?  Hand on heart,  what is to put past born criminals whose top credo is: Faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway?

Mt 17:20 NRSV

20 20  So Jesus said to them, "Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.


The Mafiosi’s allegations that the instigator of their Mafia was

·         “god” –

·         purportedly “innocently” was  sentenced to death,

·          has “risen from the death” and desires  

·         to perform as “Last Judgment”…

and all other lunacies by which those Mafiosi are used to catching preys (see: Lu 5:10) and massacre those keeping to the truths are cynic inferences from this top credo of all Mafiosi: Faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway.  In the views of the desperadoes: Those who do not believe in that Christian or lunatic asylum purportedly do not do so because they keep to  the truth that

·         a miscarriage of nature,

·         dwarfish,

·         blind in one eye,

·         a limp in the left leg,

·         a felon from the death row,

·         whining and wailing on the cross,  and

·         as ugly as Satan and the sin

was no god, but because they do not “believe” enough (that faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway!)…  It is already about  cynics out of bounds passing such a freak n’ cripple of as a “god”.  However, what is not to lie according to “credo” of perfidious “martyrs” that faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway…?


How can somebody wangle “wonders” who is unable to heal the appalling deficiencies of his own?: “Doctor, cure yourself” (Lu 4:23).  This freaky dastard  of “rising from the death” neither could heal himself nor the lame daughter of Simon Peter[iv] All the claims about the purported  “miracles” of sentenced felon from the death row are  perfidious inferences from his top credo: Faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway!

Correspondingly, for two millennia the Christians implacably lied about their crimes and even put them before their victims' doors…! If faith shifts mountains, so why not the lies, deceits, perfidies,  atrocities, enormities and bestialities of the Christians…? Those are the “Glad Tidings” and “gospels” of a felon from the death row to the ilk of his own!  If it is about Ben-Pandera’s (aka: Jesus “Christ’s”)  or  the Christians’ “innocence”, “wonders”, in particular, his “rising from the dead”, everything is an inference of the Mafiosi’s  top credo: faith shifts mountains. The successful lies about the Christians crimes prove the success of the (almost) perfect crime[v]

Just quoted Mt 17:20[vi] firstly, is the top credo of (criminality of) Chrsitianity and secondly, excludes all the Christian sects as a faith in god, theism and religion. Mt 17:20 and the corresponding other passages[vii] of the “gospels” furnish evidence that the Christian stalwarts  do not only pretend the instigator of their Mafia as a “god” but even themselves. The top ideologists of this Mafia, e.g. would-be "philosopher" Anselm of Carnivals or Canterbury or  the Christians’  lunatic August (Aurelius Augustinus, aka: "St. Augustine") and jerky Thomas of Aquinas, frankly, admit it.

Anselm: “‘filii dei‘ et dii ‘vocabuntur‘ et erunt'" [viii] (They will be called gods and will be).

Thomas Aquinas quoting Augustine:”‘God was made man, that man might be made God.’”[ix]

The same crime of megalomania German desperado Martin Luther -- the instigator of Christian Protestantism -- admits:  

„… the one that believes (in the sentenced felon from Calvary) is a god.”[x]


My word, this is what the paragons of spite n’ crime sham as “modesty” and “humbleness”…!  To a theistic believer in god, only god is keeping omnipotence, i.e. only for god nothing is impossible. A really theistic believer in god rather would die (of fear) than claiming that nothing is impossible to him. Christianity therefore is no religion but only a Mafia (organized crime) using the attributes of a religion  as an arm to become unassailable and hereby become the perfect crime.  Those who disseminate this crime only do so for playing “god” to those they trap by their deceits: faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway.  Christianity hereby turns out as no faith in god but shamming oneself as “god” what only folks can do that do not believe in god (people believing in “god” rather would die of fear before transgressing that iniquity). Here, one has to take into account that wanting to be like god is the very feature or Satan, according to the own doctrines of Christian Mafia (see: Isa 14:14)! I.e. according to  its own standards, Christianity is Satanism, already on account of claiming one Mafioso or several Mafiosi as “god(s)”…! Who wonders a) about the Christians’ criminalities  and b) about the Christians’’ lies about their crimes?

If Christianity is a religion, then  Nazism also is one.  

"We National Socialists at best know that faith shifts mountains, makes history but not the laws of economy and not only the weapons." [xi]


The common credo of all the Satanists in the world obviously is: faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway. In Christianity, faith even  shifts the Bible (thieves’ cant: “Old Testament”) since the Christians lie that everything that happened to their foremost felon from the death row is predicted there:  

De 21: 22-23 NKJV

22 “If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree,

23 “his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God.


There is no one passage in the whole Bible (argot: “Old Testament”) claiming that

a) the Messiah (Greek: Christos) has to suffer a criminal charge,

b) becomes sentence to death and

c) has to hang.


Evidently, god curses the "god of the Christians," like he curses Satan wanting to be like "god," too. Everything else is an application of the Mafiosi’s top credo: faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway! Who wonders that the Christians are teeming with the Antichrist, as long as this abomination does exist…?

Already ancient Greek philosopher Celsus (about the year 178) realized that the lies, i.e. the applications of their top credo (faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway), about Ben-Pandera’s (aka: Jesus “Christ’s”) birth debunk the Christians’ falsehood about his purported end:

“But if, then, this (Infanticide) was done (by Herod) in order that you (Jesus) might not reign in his stead when you (Jesus) had grown to man’s estate; why, after you did reach that estate, do you not become a king, instead of you, the Son of God, wandering about in so mean a condition, hiding yourself through fear, and leading a miserable life up and down?[xii]  


Everything, the trinity of Satan, his Anointed One (Greek: “Christos”) and their followers (English: Christians) claim is an inference of their and the Nazis’ top credo: faith shifts mountains and the truths,  anyway. Who but goofs and programmed biological robots believe in liars even admitting having implacably lied for millennia…?[xiii] What can one put past very perfidious felons believing that nothing is impossible for them? Demonstrably, no mass-murder, atrocity and bestiality  are  impossible to them and no howling, crying and lamenting about a just death penalty that occurred to the instigator of planet Earth’s top organized crime. Remember the boy who cried wolf…

…. for Jesus came to crucify the world.[xiv]


It is the logic of the dastards’ perfidy that those  terrorists --  wanting to crucify the world --  introduce themselves  as the “innocently” crucified ones to their targeted preys. Do not forget to feel “sorry” with them… What goof, mug or nut does  realize that the crucifix -- the Christians  demonstrate to him or her --  does not depict  what happened to one of their fellow Mafioso “unfairly”  but are the carved by-laws, i. e. is the  program, of this Mafia in disguise of a religion? The crucifix is what (criminality of) Christianity is striving for inflicting on all humankind. Nobody believes in god, nobody is a religious individual who lifts himself as “god” or a muddy buddy of his… Mafiosi presume to trick n’ shift the privileges of a religion…

And if they did not die in between, they still are crying, howling, weeping and whining about one causality they rightly have to suffer  and repress mourning  about  the hundreds of millions massacred skeletons in their closet…  

P.S.: The current propaganda show of the Roman Mafioso in Latin America is additional evidence that Christian “education” first of all robotizes trapped preys to revere the top Mafiosi of planet earth’s top organized crime as “gods”… There is other reason to adore decked-out creeps & crooks...


Satan has a catamite,

His name is  Jesus "Christ.

Crooks, creeps and the dastard of Rome,

Worship as “god” the dregs of their own!

Hans Atrott

03/ 26/2012


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