Christianity feigns Fraud Friday as „Good Friday“

Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) “resurrected from the dead” because he did not die before shamming to have done so

Written by

Hans Atrott


Former Executive Director of World Federation of Right-to-die-Societies,

Author of “Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”


If there is a god or not is a matter of belief. However, alleging that somebody was executed death penalty and afterward rose from the dead are claimed facts. Facts are to verify, respectively, to falsify. This blatant lie about Ben-Pandera’s (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ’s”) “rising from the dead” is the Christianity’s Achilles heel or the deadly cancer of this sect. It means that unlike its rivals, Christianity only can exist by brainwashing, manipulating and violence but not by arguments. 


Nothing is true what Christian Mafiosi are used to hissing out pertaining to Easter Days (“Palm Sunday”, “Good Friday” and Easter Sunday etc.).  First of all, god does not want human sacrifice but curses those who are hanged (see: De 21:23). If Ben-Pandera’s execution was not due to an unexpected defeat, all the Jews would have called him the “Messiah” of Satan since god curses the hanged like he curses Satan. Anyway, it would not help Christian impostors, even if their top would-be “god” really would have died on the cross. Hereby, he only would have turned out as Satan’s Christ. Ben-Pandera’s crucifixion and resurrection from dead are “powerful delusions” (2Th 2:11) of callous, ruthless and unscrupulous criminals or terrorists “in the working of Satan” (2Th 2:9) perfidiously misguiding the world “to believe what is false” (ibid.). 



·      Ben-Pandera neither became crucified and consequently, he did not “rise from the dead”. In place of him, he coaxed later denounced Judas Iscariot into dying in place of him. In particular the “Gospel of Judas” -- redetected in recent years -- proves that Ben-Pandera gulled Judas Iscariot into dying in place of him like Satan in the desert inveigled him into becoming his Messiah.  To darken this shameful bluff, Ben-Pandera stunted already the “official” part of “Judas Iscariot” ushering the Roman and Jewish troops to the delinquent (by Simon of Cyrene). The one that purportedly betrayed the delinquent was the one that was captured and hanged. “Compassionate” Ben-Pandera watched execution in disguise and even laughed at Judas while the latter was suffering tortures “for the sins of the world” and “saving the world”, to the utmost.  So, the real “redeemer” of the Christians should be hidden by the question: “How can Judas Iscariot be the redeemer if he guided the troops?  By this question, already early Christian desperado Irenaeus (140-202) wanted to hide the truths.   In order to be sure that Christian sect does not worship Judas – the real “savior” of the Christians’ criminals (“sinners”) – as such, already the top impostor (Jesus) projected all the perfidious traits of the very Christians on Judas!

·      Everybody can claim having resurrected from the dead that has not died before. That is no proof of divinity but only one of the roguery! So, what but criminal traits are proven by that “rising from the dead”?

·      Liars are to convict by contradictions. Nobody is perfect, even not the Christians’ fake of “infallible” and “inerrant” god’s word. Pertaining to the purported “resurrection from the dead” of the delinquent, Christians’ very fake of  “absolutely true god’s word” dishes up two main stories refuting each other. The one is the much known one of the sinful “gospels” with a certain Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, a tomb hewn in the garden of this Joseph so-and-so. Another one belying the fake of  the “gospels” is reported in “The Acts of the Apostles”, which also belong with the Christians’ “absolutely true” and “inerrant” liars’, Pardon, “god’s word”:


Ac 13:28-30 NRSV

28 Even though they (Jews) found no cause for a sentence of death, they asked Pilate to have him (Ben-Pandera) killed.

29 When they (the authorities) had carried out everything that was written about him, they (the authorities) took him (the corpse of the hanged one) down from the tree and laid him in a tomb.

30 But God raised him from the dead (in this general cemetery and not in a private tomb of Joseph so-and-so);


This report is corroborated by the “Gospel of Peter” which contains both contradictory stories about the stunt of Ben-Pandera’s “resurrection”.  The “Gospel of Peter” originally belonged with the Christians' fake of “New Testament” (Canon Muratori). It was removed from the “New Testament” since, in addition, it reports that “non-violent”  Ben-Pandera wanted to set fire to the Jerusalem Temple in order to become acknowledged “Messiah”…). Since “The Gospel of Luke” and “The Acts of the Apostles” are said having the same author (Luke), it is to assume that the Christians later inserted the story on Joseph of Arimathea to this gospel as they later did so to the other “gospels” of the “New Testament”. Otherwise, it is not to comprehend that the same author writes in one scripture this and in another one its refutation.  Both stories only are to reconcile by the omertà (wall) of concealment that the Christian terrorists first filched the corpse of the delinquent from a public graveyard. Hereby, they did not want to become convicted by the corpse that a stuntman (Judas Iscariot) died on the gallows or cross. Veiling this shameful fact, the early Christians contrived the story about the mentioned Joseph so-and-so in accordance to the very mind of desperadoes.  In addition, Ac 13: 28-30 confutes modern speculations that Ben-Pandera survived execution and later immigrated to India (Kashmir). The authorities could check if the delinquent really was dead, and if they should have failed doing so, he certainly would have died in a very few minutes after being under the sod and buried. 


Christian sect wanted to destroy most of its early writings and 68 of 72 “gospels” to impede being convicted of lies, deceits and crimes. In 1945, many of these early Christian scriptures were found again in Nag Hammadi (Egypt). Among them, there is one scripture relating that nobody of the Jesus gang, i.e. even the “divine” top desperado, could heal the lame daughter of Simon Peter. Another one accounts how the left 11 terrorists (thieves’ cant: “disciples”) after the execution visited Ben-Pandera in his hideout on an Isle presumably in the Mediterranean Sea while he was lied having ascended into heavens residing at god’s right.  However, as his fellow desperadoes of today he did not refrain from using a young boy, even there… Obviously, this is the “right” of slaveholders to use their slaves…

The first thing a Christian “theologian” has to learn is lying without blushing…

For more details and evidence see: Jesus' Bluff: "The Universal Scandal of the World" (M. Magnes) by Hans Atrott, ISBN: 978-1-61582-816-6, click here  or on the picture

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