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Rape of women by trained dogs - however pope terrorist Woytila demands the release of Catholic terrorist Pinochet - former dictator of Chile


Dogs were trained to rape female adversaries of this Catholic dictator. Males who did not agree with the Catholic Christian terrorist were massacred on genitals by electro-shocks. The felon that ordered this bestiality on persons is sitting in extradition custody in Great Britain, in the meantime. He should be sued in Spain because of his terrorism on humanity. However, on whom terrorists and criminals against humanity and humankind ever can rely, once more? On that religious terrorism that's labels a religion adoring death penalty convict felon and monstrosity as its “god”: On Christian sect and their deputy terrorist in the Vatican! That deputy terrorist declared himself in favor of the release of this most abominable criminal.   

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Well, for example, what does one have to say comparing the felonies of Pinochet’s raping of women by trained dogs with those crimes of Christian terrorism faking to be a religion? And finally, Jesus , the death penalty convict shouldn't have died for the felony of his own but for that all the world. By such easy “remission” of  “sins” Christian terrorists’ god Jesus Christ makes his fellow terrorists very fierce on perpetrating crimes, felonies, barbarities and abominations.  Christian history and presence produce evidence about it. And didn't Jesus say that one shall know him and his accomplices (Christians) by its fruits?  Therefore, the rape of dissident women by trained dogs of the Catholic terrorist regime of Chile under Pinochet happened due to depravity of Christian sect, too. Those are the known views of Christian tenets and consequently, of Christian terrorism.  So, why should Catholic terrorism find something fault with it? Pinochet supported Christian terrorism, e.g. regarding Christian silly laws that divorce is prohibited - just by murder one can be divorced in Christian crazy Chile. Therefore, one Christian terrorist helps his fellow terrorist… So, please do not allege that there is no charity among Christian terrorists....!  The current Christian terrorist pope demonstrates it… Do not the Christian liars and criminals say that Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") purportedly died upon the cross for all the foul play (argot: "sins") of his fellow ("Christian") terrorists? Do not they say that one only has to creep in the Christian toilet (argot: "confessional") to cap all his sins in order to get rid of them? So, why not murdering or raping other humans, perhaps women by gods, if everything already allegedly is "forgiven" on the gallows or on the cross before being perpetrated? Who knows a better promotion for crimes and terror than  (criminality of ) Christianity...?


Roman deputy terrorist Woytila in favor of raping of Muslim women by orthodox Christian terrorists on the Balkans


On the Balkans, Muslim women are raped by as well Christian orthodox as national Serbian terrorists. Rape is a usual weapon of Christian terrorists pertaining to their warfare. That Roman deputy terrorist of Jesus’ terrorists' sect presumes to intervene to abortions' pills to Muslim (not Christian terrorist!) women who have become raped by atrocious Christians. The Roman Christian deputy terrorist takes care himself that those rapes get completed, and the seed of the Christian murderers comes to fruition. The Christian Roman despot presumes to patronize even those people that do no belong to Christian terrorists’ sect but to another religion. That bird brained silly terrorist fancies himself to be the master of the world. As any despot or dictator he understands human rights like this: All human beings have the freedom to obey what I -- the topmost Christian terrorist -- command them to do! Whoever wants to dispute that the true “democracy” is represented by the Christian Middle Ages! It would be ridiculous if such rapes wouldn't come to fruition! What harmless "aunt church" it is! However, some are still “stubborn” not believing that what all drilled Christian sheep dogs, robots and other Christian cerebellums are believing: That Christian terrorism is real “charity”…

Old trembling and aged Christian creep wants to be a pop star, so gladly

How easily a Christian terrorist can turn a creep into a star; I experienced in the beginning of the 70ties, when the office of the Munich cardinal terrorist or his church was going to be refurbished.
He moved to the neighborhood of the local university. In that period, I frequently saw him going for a walk in the "English garden." Although, he was the topmost Christian rogue with frock within Bavaria if not the one of the entire Germany, nobody of the other folk in that Munich garden recognized this “very important” Christian terrorist and paltry creep. Nobody turned his head around to this topmost Christian terrorist who could be recognized full of psychic tensions and as a mentally ill one, even by inexperienced laymen. Some weeks later, this Christian terrorist lay deadly in the gutter where he suddenly died.
This creep n' crook was buried like a king by his fellow Christian terrorists. Hundreds of thousands were in the streets of Munich when this paltry freak and wretched one was buried. A masterpiece of Christian drilling.

Sicut eritis deus - (you will be like god) - In that way the devil came to Adam and Eve disguised as a snake. Terrorist Jesus took this already literally: He enticed his fellow terrorists into lifting him up to the “god." He promised to all his fellow terrorists that worshiping this monstrosity as their “god” should mean, likewise, to become “gods," in return - like the devil in the alleged encounter in the dessert promised all to him if he adores him as god, in exchange?


The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God. Joh 10:33 AV.

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? Joh 10:34 AV.

If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; Joh 10:35 AV.



So, all his fellow terrorists who worship this freak and creep as their “god” are (terrorist) “gods”. How one can find fault with the terrorist chieftain declaring himself just as “god's” son? Isn't it modest that a freak who thinks himself to be a “god," only claims to be god's son, isn't it? Deputy terrorist Woytila takes that shit very seriously. This small ugly creep, whom in ordinary clothing, no person would heed in the street and who is expressing more and more his inner curse in his face by his increasing age, wants to be like “God."

Now one has to consider the Christians' understanding about god and heavens. If one reads, e.g. the "summa theologica" of comedian Thomas of Ass or Aquinas (a something like that!), then one has surprisingly to notice that god or the heaven is no model for the individuals on earth but reverse: That human society on earth is the one model for the Christian terrorists' heaven. E.g. there is glory among human beings; therefore, those terrorists fancy that they will have glory in heaven when looking at their god - that surely is the devil.

E.g. there is pulchritude among individuals on earth, therefore the terrorist's chosen ones fancy to become most splendid in heaven. Deputy terrorist Woytila similarly seems to think: On this planet, there are admired pop stars, consequently, the maddest of all the Jesus fellow terrorists who wants to be so very much admired, evenly fancies to be the greatest pop star - as they already drilled their robots and sheep dogs to believe that freak and creep and monstrosity Jesus Christ was a super star (for all terrorists, devils, devilish ones and cerebellums).

An old trembling one who only can suppress the vibrations of this arms and other parts of his body just by medications and who, furthermore, bears the marks of curse and violent temper of Christian terrorist like one of Cain in his face or who stands any comparison with a grandpa in a home for aged ones - if at all - just because of his special disguise, wants to belong to the pop stars of the world so much willingly... With it, this terrorist, of course, does not refrain from theft.

So that anyone knows to what even of pop star, this trembling Christian crook, creep and grandpa is kidding himself to belong to, he even stole the title of a world-renowned pop group, namely ABBA. However, pope terrorist Woytila has his own state. Therefore, he cannot get convicted by a penal court like that terrorist, devil or golden calf was lawfully convicted, he (Woytila) wants to represent.

He has his own state and thus is immune from any prosecution even regarding manslaughter and murder. With it, the persistent rumor lasts, that his predecessor was murdered within that Vatican terrorists’ community of love. Moreover, Christian pope terrorist is suspected having ordered the murder of Roberto Calvi, a man knowing too much about the Christian terrorist pope dirty finances.

Moreover, terrorist pope Woytila is suspected having managed himself the attempt of assassination on himself in the early 80ties. Christian terrorists stay terrorists, already since Jesus Christ!
Once more, the lowermost ones seem to have successfully lifted themselves to the first ones: An old Christian trembling grandpa, that an unbiased one would commiserate, has drilled his fellow terrorists believing that he was a great pop star (of Christian robots, shepherd dogs, shepherd bitches and cerebellums).

Oh, yes - I almost forgot it, yet: Sexually mutilated nun also swing their legs on that pope terrorist's CD... So the lowermost female - that no male would touch even by means of pliers -- precisely for that reasons they became nuns – have sex by their legs with trembling grandpa…! And if you don't believe me ask Woytila... Do you still doubt that Christian terrorists' belief veritably shifts mountains and the truth anyway…?

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