News April 2000

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I.               Roman slaveholder asks for forgiveness -- however, wants to continue profiting from his sect’s felonies

II.            Christian priest terrorist murdered thousands of his drilled Christian slaves in Uganda. Christian drilling and atrocities continue.


I.               Roman slaveholder asks for forgiveness -- however, wants to continue profiting from his sect’s felonies  



  Undisturbed and with impunity the pope wants to bring in the loot of the forgeries, crimes,  murders, mass-murders, genocides and other barbarities abominations  of Christian felons'  sect. He knows that Christian sect is approaching its "Stalin grad ". Everybody is “invited" to  reconcile with Christian felons and barbarians,  provided that he grants them all their loot. It is about making  the loot of the Christian barbarians' sect unassaiable.


Until now the Christian terrorists’ sect denied having perpetrated any felonies at any time. It alleged to have never killed anybody. If needed, this has been committed by the emperor or by the authorities of the (Christianly enslaved) state. Until now the Christian terrorists’ sect claimed to be totally guiltless and never have done any crime but “charity”, “love”,” humility“ and “modesty”... The Christian sect (“church) was sacred and without fault. On the contrary, that slaveholders drill and brainwashed their slaves to make them believing that they allegedly had been permanently victims of prosecution. There are almost more parties for martyrs than felonies in that Christian sect.  A liberal emperor, e.g. Nero, who gave Greece independence although that led to a significant decrease of taxes for the Roman state (for instance, one may remember what difficulties France had in the past century to give independence to Algeria!)  was vilified as a monstrosity and monster by that Christian terrorists’ sect.  In practice, Nero abolished even the killing of the gladiators. They were not allowed to fight up to death any more.

Beasts desire forgiveness!
The Christian dastards and bastards do not only desire a mask of a sheep but also forgiveness for their incredible bestialities. How has murdered someone, that one has also murdered the possibilities of forgiveness. Do not forget that those beasts desire to teach you "morals". Their model are the bankrobbers desiring being set for the shoplifters...

The Christian terrorists’ sect fabricated monsters like for example Nero or the Jews or Moslems because it needed goats of projection (scapegoats) to get rid of their own dark instincts and traits by that... So the Christians could and can fools themselves that the other one, the rival, the competitor and not the Christians themselves have those ugly and despicable traits of character according the slogan: We (Christians) are fighting so much against all evil human beings so it is impossible that we are that evil we are blaming the others.   Nero is a classic example for the Christians’ projection.

The Christian terrorists, those henchmen and henchwomen of the death penalty convict from Nazareth set fire to Rome and rumored that Nero himself had fired the capital in order to have the possibility to rebuild to newly. Nasty Christian imaginations: An emperor burning down the realm of his own…  However, that allegation betrays the Christian arsonist more than they guess.

1.      Where did the Christians get to know it but by faked clairvoyance? Did emperor Nero invite those despised terrorists, terrorists (and arsonists) for a cup of coffee: “Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that me and not you set fire to my capital…”? Don’t make me laugh.

2.      Even if emperor Nero would have made up his mind to rebuilt Rome by setting fire to the capital – as the Christian terrorists impute having done to him – he could not have done so already because of the property relationships. Most of the buildings were kept private. How does one want to force an owner to rebuild his house more beautifully if the one has no money to do it – possibly lost the last fortune he or she had by that arson…? However, those are no deliberations of beggars, scroungers, freeloaders or Christian terrorists…

3.      If somebody wants to rebuild such a huge capital like Rom one must have more than a huge amount of money. By giving whole Greek independence Nero waived a very considerable amount of taxes. The emperor never would have done that if he were obsessed to fire to the Capital of his own – as the Christian terrorists project their dark, felonious mind on him. If he had in mind to rebuild Rome, then he would have known that he needs as much money as he could snatch up. Such allegations just be could be given by bums, freeloaders, hobos and Christian terrorists that are all Greek to the requirements of politics and public financing.


Nero is alleged to have the responsibility for killing three women. However, his mother was a felon like later Roman Christian emperor Constantine and she makes understandable that such a terrorists’ sect like the Christian could spread at that time. (His mother killed Nero’s predecessor and Nero possibly feared even to be murdered by her). More over Nero is said to having ordered the killing of two of his wives because of infidelity.  However, the fact that he gave independence to Greek and prohibited the killing of the gladiators gives evidence that he never was not that monstrosity that Jesus and Simon Peter and most of all the Christians undoubtedly are. Simon Peter led Christian terrorism at that time in Rome and had to undergo death penalty about two or three years later. (Already his murdering of Hananias and Saphira of the early Christian terrorism in Palestine deserved maximum penalty).    In this manner the Christian terrorists’ sect tried to put into effect the tactic of their upper terrorist (Jesus), i.e., how to put upside down and vice versa that means how the last ones made themselves the first one and the first one the last ones?

 Do you imagine how many corpses that arson of Rome made? Do you imagine how many lost their homes and properties?  Comparably, that would mean of setting fire to whole New York City of today! Those are the Christians! Those are terrorists. 

 Are you in favor of the arsonists or the victims that lost all, in many cases even their lives?  More over that burning down of Rome is an agency of provocation that the Christian terrorists also practiced later when fighting each other, e.g. Protestants versus Catholics in Europe. I.e. each Christian party destroyed the churches of their own in order to put the blame to their enemy. So, the arson of Rome is nothing unusual for Christian terrorists. Such agency of provocation is just a new level of lie, an advanced standard of deception and projection. Those are the real principles of that terrorists’ sect if one unveils what they are faking. More over the wrong allegations of Nero correspond to those ones versus the Jews.  In that wrong allegations of the Christians “god's word” versus the Jews one can see Rome burning. And in burning of Rome one can see burning all their competitors and rivals of the Middle Ages, well even the mass murderers of the holocaust. To burn down the then capital of the world that reveals a criminal and felonious mind that past comprehension. This arson means: If we Christian leaders are not the slaveholders of mankind, then the whole planet may perish. Many people doubt if there is a god and/or a devil – if there is a heaven and a hell. There was a devil and that was called Yehoshua (“Yeshu”) Panthera, aka Jesus Christ. And this devil has a permanent vicar on the globe.  There is a hell and that is call Christianity or Christendo(o)m!


Now that current vicar is afraid that the sect’s felonies will avenge in the third millennium. He fools himself that this perfidy just could be swept away by a sentence: Please excuse my felonies… The perpetrators killed those who could forgive them and there is no possibility of forgiveness any more if the victims are murdered and thus dead. If you doubt that the Christians sect is a terrorists’ sect than please think about what they did in Rome and how they tried to put to blame upon Nero.  They falsely accused Nero because they knew that they only are the most despicable scum among humankind – and that they are. Even without the then usual applied torture, which was later plentifully practiced by the Christian terrorists, many Christians admitted that the Christian sect ignited Rome. That is not the single case the Christian terrorists are very skilled in committing their terrorism by agent of provocation – that means perpetrating a disgusting crime and putting the blame for it upon your enemy.



Well, the current, old and trembling chieftain of that terrorists’ sect -- the present-day slaveholder of that scum of humankind that could ever spread out on the blue planet (" the healthy do not need the physician”  - so their alleged “god” himself) desires pardon and the security for his and his accomplices’ loot that consists of almost one billions slaves. However, not in the least he thinks about any compensation for the felonies of his terrorists’ sect that is beyond belief but true.  On the contrary, he wants to pull benefits from his sect’s crimes further, for example, from the concordat with Hitler of  March 1933.  This concordat was a business between two terrorists: Hitler and the pope. In return, the Vatican ordered these Christian terrorists in the German parliament to vote for Hitler’s law of authorization that enabled the World War II and the holocaust. However, not in the least this terrorists’ boss thinks about any compensation for the felonies of his terrorists’ sect that past comprehension. On the contrary, he wants to continue to benefit form the felonies of his terrorists’ sect, e.g. the concordat of the Christian terrorists’ sect with felon Adolph Hitler of 1933. (The German democratic parties refused to make a treaty with the Vatican at that time. So those Christian terrorists applied to Hitler for it and got it from that German felon. Before Hitler only the Christian terrorists’ sect was so crafty to perpetrate all their felonies completely legally.

More over the Roman slaveholder does not concede any right to the victims to accept an honest or faked excuse. For the same reason they committed their atrocities they now are asking their “forgiveness”. That means their evil mind to domineer others by pretending and faking humility and modesty is persisting.


The Roman slaveholder in the array of a parrot because otherwise he cannot impress the sick ones (that  -- according to Jesus Christ -- urgently need a physician) desires forgiveness for crimes of the Christian terrorism against:  


1.)    Such that were perpetrated in the service of „truth“ (the Christian terrorism is just in the service of lie, deception and terrorism and that is why the crimes and felonies were and are committed putting upside down, e.g. passing off the lie as truth, hatred as love, felonies as justice etc. etc. etc.)

2.)   Christian unity (Already Roman emperor Julian noticed that even beast of prey are not that hostile each other than the “peaceful”, “meek” and  “chosen” Christians mutually behave to their accomplices and other fellows). The felonies and the massacres among the Christians themselves had been that atrocious because each Christian sect annihilates morale by doctoring  it to the benefits of its own. So, there is no moral, even while eagerly is faking the contrary).

3.)   The Jews  (it is  to assume that the numbers of manslaughters and murderers on the Jews in the centuries before the holocaust at least matches that ones of the holocaust if it does not tremendously exceed them). More over the all victims of the holocaust suffered without  any guilt and more than Jesus who does not outdo others in suffering and who deserved maximum punishment according to the then legal situation).

4.)   Other religions and cultures (the cultures that were devastated and got lost once and for all meant an enrichment for humankind whereas the Christian terrorists’ sect that murdered them is a blemish on humankind. Fortunately, the Christian terrorists’ sect could not totally annihilate the ancient world of the Greek and that means the beginning of philosophy and science. They could do so because  Muslims  did not fear truths that much the Christians have good reasons for doing so.  Due to Islam but not to the Christian terrorists’ sect we can read Plato, Aristotle or Plotinus today. In gratitude for that, “trustworthy” Christian blamed the Moslems to be intolerant. However, as we said already, projections are the sophisticated art of Christian lying… More over the “repentance” is typical of  Christianly hypocritical because the declaration of war by the Christian upper terrorist and god has not been withdrawn: Mr 16:16 RSV ”He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” So long, this intent of war on other beliefs is not withdrawn, so long the pope’s declaration is just a trick to lull the opponents into a false sense of security just in order to exterminate them more easily. To stop their war on humankind the Christians would have dissociate form their super terrorist Jesus the lifted up to their god. Jesus is the instigator of all the Christian crimes, felonies, and massacres, i.e., Christian terrorism).

5.) Women and the unity of the human race (those liars and terrorists have torn the unity of the human race because of their pure infamous intention that the last ones put upside down and want to domineer the first one reputing themselves as the first ones and the first ones as the last ones. Because of those everlasting Christian lays they perpetrated their felonies against the unity of the human race. They destroyed the unity of human race because of their advantage telling all the people that those who do not acknowledge their damned death penalty convict, as their god will be damned for eternity in this. The terrorists of the felonious sect knew that they were and are deceiving and fooling their congeners just of the illegitimate advantage of their own because they knew and are knowing that they are the sick, the mad and felonious one and the other the healthy ones. So they will continue to divorce human race and to lead war on those honest one that will not cringe before those hypocrites, liar and deceivers.  As far as the woman are concerned one can presume that tomorrow they will continue to keep them away from their Christian felonious offices of slaveholders (priest, bishops) although the slaveholder are dressed like women).

6.) Individual rights  (There are no individual rights in the Christian sect like in any other terrorism. It has a boss that is faking a god and his current vicar claims to be infallible.  That is the way any Mafia perpetrates its felonies. That is the way the Christian terrorists’ sect is doing so.  Sneaky Roman terrorist is as philosophical stupid as his god not knowing that individual rights only work among equality of human race and beings that do not exist in any (terrorists’) society.  There is no equality and thus there are no human rights among Christians, just because those Christian terrorists are used to degrading the societies’ individual into numerous ranks, e.g. the almighty an infallible leader: God, son of god, son of man, mother of god, brothers of god, disciples of god, arseangels, angels, lower angels, saint, superior slaveholder (e.g. “holy fathers”), lower slaveholder (e.g. cardinal terrorists, arch terrorists, bishop terrorists, pries terrorist), shepherds, guardians of sheep, guardians of sheep and stupid sheep (or folks). In such a graded or degraded societies human rights impossibly can exist because each one is degraded to the one who is set before him and has to cringe before him or to kiss his ring instead of enjoying human rights. If one fools oneself to be a guardian of another human being one thinks that one has more rights than the guarded one – if one admits this or not (for quite transparent motives). The aim of Christianity is the reverse those liars and deceivers are faking: To domineer the next ones, neck or nothing. That is also why they have a “god”, “morals” and “truths” of their own doctored to that goal. And the allegation of “humbleness” and “modesty” are made just in order to lull the victims into a false sense of security. To avoid the hatred of the fooled ones the slaveholders present themselves as “fathers”. However, no Christian society is known where minors or children have the same rights and wisdom as father and adults. The Christians tell what is regarded highly among human beings is reputed as an atrociousness to god. Regarding Jesus and Christendo(o)m they are completely right and nobody can doubt about it.  In ancient Greek philosophy the son of god is nature and/or all human beings.  So by declaring one misshapen ugly felonious freak of fraudulence as son of god  (In secret, they lift up one of the very last ones among themselves as the god) all human beings are degraded to animals and were treated like animals by this Christian terrorists’ sect.  That is no only a word or a phrase that are the atrocities past comprehension of the Christian terrorists’ sect. That is the fact if a slaveholder wants to be titled as “holy father”, “guardian”, “shepherd” , “father“,“ fisherman” that fish fishes (their fishes are the slaves…) etc.  Those are the common titles of the most despicable terrorists (Mafiosi) of this planet. However, lie and deception need infallibility in order to exist or the pretence of  supernatural enlightenment because lies never can compete with truths, otherwise. In other words: Lies and deceptions just can exist by the pretence that one cannot prove the lies because if one does so, all gets debunked as lies and deceptions.  By his methods a Ugandan Christian terrorists’ priest murdered about thousands human beings in these days. He pretended his lies to be supernatural truths that are beyond all reasons until they’re thousand of burnt and murdered corpse.  Already Simon Peter murdered two members of the early Christian community just because of greed and incited his fellow Christian accomplices to burn down Rome and put the blame for those murderers and atrocities to Roman emperor Nero… Nothing new of the Christian front!  The Christian slaveholder does not like to admit it as well as he and his fellows are enjoying it that they divorce human race into (several degrees of) slaveholders and slaves. However, that is what they want because the very last one, the sick, the mad ones, the terrorists, that scum that upper terrorist and death penalty convict Jesus was gathering neck or nothing want to domineer those that are better than they  (the Christian terrorists) are. That is not possible without the utmost as well despicable fraudulence. That is why crimes on human rights of that Christian terrorists’ sect never will stop. Christianity or Christendom – that is terrorism on human rights as any deception or fraudulence is a violation of individuals’ rights).

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7.) Sins in general (Here among others the never ending abuse of children was quoted. Presumably, here the Christian had also in mind the destruction of the "Serapeion" in Alexandria (Egypt). That was the most capacious and most comprehensive library of the ancient science and world or the burning down of ancient Rome in the year 64 C.E. – obviously ordered by Simon Peter, “St. Murderer”, himself -- in order to put the blame from the terrorists’ sect to the Roman emperor Nero. The Christian terrorists rumored that the emperor did that what. An emperor that destroys the country of his own… Only Christian terrorists can fabricate that maliciousness! However, Christian terrorists, they are able to set fire to the then capital of the world and the whole planet if they do not have their will.   Only Jesus and/or Peter had had the authority firstly to command such a detestable atrocious terrorism.  Setting Rome to fire is already to regard as an announcement of the Christian Middle Ages, crusades or the holocaust. The Christian terrorists wrongly accused Nero like the wrongly accused the Jews, their rival and competitors pertaining Jesus felony of high treason that was to punish by maximum penalty. As the Christian terrorists then burnt to death thousands of civilians at that time in Rome, they later burnt millions heretics and even gazed millions of Jews.  Christendo (o) m and Jesus that is the maddest blasphemy one can imagine and that past all comprehension. There were no prosecutions of Christians because each member of that most felonious terrorism that ever took place and will take place on this planet deserves maximum penalty, provided he or she is only member because of successful brainwashing of because of being weak-minded.  Their god rightly deserve maximum penalty for pretending or really intending to usurp the Jewish throne. Do you know any (Christian) country that allows someone unlawfully take over political power?  However, the felonies against humankind that felon and his accomplices commit are past comprehension and at least are not to compare with that one that was already worthy of death penalty. It is no violation of human rights to jail terrorists, manslaughters and murders.  However, firstly one has to separate the slaveholders from the slaves. Otherwise that furtive and depraved ones could set fire to the whole planet. That burning down of Rome is a warning to the world that that Christian terrorists’ sect will care for the planet busting into flames, if the Christian terrorists cannot play their part as slaveholder of humankind any longer.  Those Christians who burnt Rom down are also capable to extinguish the whole planet by atomic bombs if that execrable last ones are not reputed to be the first ones any longer and the rest of humankind is not their slaves any longer. Than they will say what Adolph Hitler said shortly before he was defeated: “While I'm perishing my people (the Christian terrorists will say: the earth) shall perish, too. That is what one has to regard when proceeding against those terrorists. Atrott’s Information Service will publish a chapter concerning how to precede best versus that Christian terrorists’ sect. Christendo(o)m is a misuse of concepts of “god”, “religion”, “morals”, “love”, “truths” etc. as the Nazis misused the term of euthanasia just in order to murder and nothing else but to murder mental insane ones in psychiatric hospitals. That was no euthanasia regarding the Nazis and correspondingly  concerning the Christian sect that is no god, no religion, no truth, no love, no moral but lie, deception, despicableness, fraudulence, offenses, crimes, manslaughter, murders and war on mankind, just in order to domineer all their congeners, neck or nothing. There was no prosecution of Christians that were not justified by the sect’s terrorism that took place then and later when Christian terrorism came to power. There only were prosecution by the Christian terrorists’ and their sect.  At least in retrospect, one has to state that the measures against the Christian terrorism were not intelligent, not hard and not far reaching enough. Please, Christian drilled ones remember that only in the thirty-ears war  (in 1618 – 1648) in Europe about 60 percent of the German population lost their lives when Catholic and Protestant terrorists were fighting to domineer each other. If Nero would have had extinguished all members of the early Christian terrorism after burning down Rom at that time that would have been much less corpses in consequence, wouldn't it?  


The Roman slaveholder and humankind threatening buffoon thinks to work off the felonies of his list by just a simple and not obligating apology even without any compensation. Presumably he imagined suppressing exactly the investigation of the reasons of the worst terrorism that could ever happen to this planet. The reasons for these  Christian felonies still exist.

That is why the Christians’ sect is called a terrorists’ sect. Although the Roman slaveholder passes him off as vicar of his upper terrorist Jesus he does not obey his god who told that the one that is committing sin is slave of sin. That means those one who perpetrate felonies are slaves of felonies. That Roman vicar and buffoon are correcting his god: A Christian that commits felonies is a saint… That is the sense of the Roman terrorist’s  speech.  Once more that cerebellum and slaveholders of intellectual and/or moral boorish fellows is believing to pass off the all the innumerable felonies of his terrorists’ sect as accidents…  The felonies inevitably occur if the very last ones want to pretend themselves as the very first ones. So they have to terrorize their congeners that they repute the real first ones to be the last one, the sick one for the healthy and the healthy ones for the sick. One cannot do this without lie, deception, self-deception, reviling, denouncing, manslaughter and even murderer, i.e. terrorism.  That is a declaration of war on humankind by their upper terrorist Jesus and his accomplices.  That war is performed like each quite common deceit is accomplished, namely by faking to intend the reverse of what the deceiver made up his mind. Here “humility”, “modesty”, “loves”, “charities” are feigned and domineeringness (of hatred) and submission are deliberately accomplished.


Many of the Christian terrorists’ sect victims are completely liquidated, for example the Maya, the Inca, mostly Indian tribes in Central and South America, the French Huguenots, (in a single night were murdered about 16.000 Huguenots) the Catheres etc.  However, as much as they tried to eradicate the Muslims and Jews again and again they did not succeed completely to do so. Especially the Jews were millennia of years persecuted by the Christian terrorists’ sect because that execrable Christian sect wanted to lift up their lies to truths and degrade truths to lies. The Jews were victims of Christian projections, of the Christians' intolerance and their dark as vicious mind.


So to speak, after having made a good haul and passed on the most important opponents and enemies to  the graveyards the Roman boss  of  the Christian terrorists’ sect is asking for pardon and peace, so that he can enjoy the loot in the third millennium, at least... Perhaps, the chieftain of the Christian terrorists’ sect has good reasons for being afraid of the revenge of those who are compassioned with the victims of those execrable terrorists.  Is he trembling because he is afraid of getting in return what the terrorists’ sect did and committed in the past?

The chieftain of the most terrorists’ sect offers pardon for his part and desires remission for his sect.  However, he could not say what he can pardon others: The hypocrisy by which the Christian terrorists’ sect mendaciously and constantly fools themselves and others  to be  “martyrs” in order to distract from dark and terrorist character of its own?


The Six Changes as Concomitants of The Declaration of Repentance  



There are six "revolutionary " changes that are concomitants of the declaration of repentance.  

There certainly will be still some trouble among the Christians accomplices. As his terrorist “god” the current “vicar” obviously is lacking philosophical capacity. However, that is not necessary for a Christian slave or even slaveholder, yes even for a Christian “god”. A Roman slaveholder turned a blind eye on certain laws of lie and deceit, for the first time. Above all, he presumably failed to see that by admitting the felonies of the Christian terrorists’ sect he also opened the door of finding out the reasons for that human catastrophe that is labelled Jesus and Christendo(o)m. Certainly he had in mind to circumvent such an investigation by such a declaration. However, when the door is not closed any longer folks will enter it soon or later.  At first, surely some will try to distract attention from that prevaricating towards irrelevancies like  "the human failure",  “weakness of the flesh „, “accidents“ etc.  However, if the reasons for the Christians’ terrorism objectively can be argued, then the structure of the deception and self-deception will get collapsed. Now the door is opened a split.


1.)   For the first time, the terrorists’ sect admits crimes and felonies, at all.


2.)   Thus, for the first time the Christian terrorists’ sect admits unscrupulous lying in favor of its advantage. For the first time it is admitted by the Christian terrorists’ sect itself that it had fooled even their flock over millennia.


3.)   Completely new teaching of atonement: For the first time a Roman slaveholder tries to settle forgiveness of offenses, crimes and felonies with the victims and not with his death penalty convict that is lifted up to their  “god” (Jesus). Allegedly, the Christians’ terrorist “god” should have died for the atonement of all Christian atrocities even before his fellow (Christian) terrorists perpetrated any offenses, crime or felony.  Hitherto it was said that the mercy of the faked Christians’ “god” and the blood of the death penalty convict (Jesus) atones all.  In principle that is quite a different recognition from what the terrorists’ sect trained its sheep before and is not coherent with the folly of an alleged vicarious atonement by the death penalty convicted deceiver  (Jesus) that wanted to become slaveholder of humankind. Until now the Christian slaves were drilled that they shall not care about the victims pertaining their sins but just about atonement by the Christian terrorists’ “god” (Jesus).    Here it is practiced the quite different and sensible principle that one has to settle one’s atonement of sins with the harmed ones or victims. The Christian terrorists’ sect incites their sheep or slaves (that’s the same!)   easily perpetrating villainous deeds or even grossest atrocities because it fools its adherents or “German shepherds” that the Christian terrorists just have to apply to  death penalty convicted Jesus in order to get atonement for all their iniquities.  Hitherto, the harmed ones, the victims had no say in forgiveness of Christian terrorists’ perpetrations...  


4.)    For the first times it is professed that the shaming " humble ", modest " Christians want to domineer  others. Hitherto these terrorists feigned just wanting   spiritual salvation of others. In that way domineeringness of Christian slaveholder was camouflaged mendaciously, until now.  Hitherto all their iniquities were passed off as ministration, service to the next etc. Trained German shepherds really believed it. Therefore, some confusion might occur among the Christian slaveholders and among the trained German shepherds and shepherd bitches.   Well, one may not defecate one’s brain while being drilled by the Christian slaveholders in a Christian toilette that is called “the confessional”. Nobody is immune against any break-in of the truth even into the terrorists’ sect  - in spite of sustained severe drillings and permanent misleading by the slaveholders.  However, this apology demonstrates the ridiculousness of the alleged repentance by the Roman terrorists since in contrast with the hypocrisy of these Christians the whole Christian sect is nothing else but an attempt of domineering others by those scum of humankind that is not legitimized to rule others. Tricks, lies, deception, misleading, offenses, perjuries, other crimes and felonies even grosses mass murdering as well as atrocities are accomplishing the reign of Christian terrorists on this planet. The reign of Christian slaveholders is as legitimized as that one of any other Mafia or terrorism. Reputing the Christian terrorists’ sect as an honest religion one can also regard the Mafia as honest entrepreneur. After having captured a lot of booty those terrorists ask for pardon… The Christians’ attempt to domineer other what is meant by making the last ones the first ones and vice versa, is nothing but terrorism of  (moral) sick ones -- and that means of the depraved ones! --  versus the (moral) healthy ones that are not in need of a  “physician” (so Jesus Christ) or any drilling and brainwashing like the sick Christians. Their warfare on humankind intends to put upside down and downside up – the lowermost to the uppermost and the uppermost to the lowermost for the advantage of those terrorists and scum of humankind that  gather around the planet’s most felon and terrorist called Yehoshua Panthera aka Jesus Christ!   Those two millennia of Christian domineeringness solely mean Mafiosi romping about the area of religion. Their history is just a history of crimes, felonies, barbarities and atrocities.  Who wonders?   One never can accomplish a warfare on humankind putting upside down, e.g. getting reputed the sick ones as healthy ones and vice versa, without envy, hatred, revenge, mendaciousness, hypocrisy, deceit, maliciousness, wickedness, perjuries, libeling, denigration, offenses, crimes, homicide and even mass murderers as one cannot get fire that is cold even if those furtive and despicable deceivers are faking that.  Therefore, Christian crimes and felonies are no accidents no single human failure but inevitable casualties of their hidden, concealed as illegitimate terrorism on humankind to domineer their congeners. A tramp, a hobo, a pansy, a felon, a death penalty convict wants to become slaveholder of humankind and to make all human beings his slaves. And he can do so because some crumbs drop off for those (popes and priests) who feel themselves flattered being an under slaveholder to the slaveholder. What the slaves are thinking does not matter. What matters is that the slaves cringe before the Christian terrorists and kiss the rings of their under slaveholders.  


5.)   It is admitted for the first time that felonies of the Christian terrorists’ sect are not only those ones that are perpetrated by the “clergies”  but also that ones that committed by the trained ones, the adherents – that means the Christian slaves. Hitherto, it was feigned that the crimes of the emperor (state) -- that was incited by his Christian brain washers -- should be  no crimes of the Christian sect. Counter moving, these hypocritical terrorists did never refrain from representing any misdeed of a person being member in an organization competing or rivaling with them as an iniquity and depravity of the corresponding sect or organization.  Of course, Christian crimes are all crimes that are committed for Christian education, training, drilling or belief what kind of function the perpetrator might have in that terrorism.  That are, for instance, the crimes of the Christian political parties abusing the state to eliminate dissidents, even under offenses of infringement of laws or who provide money for the terrorists that do belong to the public or trying to protect the terrorists’ sect that nothing occur what those terrorists do not like. Christian crimes  are also those ones perpetrated by Christianly minded judges that secretly speak their judgment according to the catechism of the terrorists’ sect instead of the law.  Christian crimes  are also gross injuries on human rights committed, for example, by German or Austrian media, in order to extinguish the competitors and   rivals of the Christian terrorists’ sect by arguments that maybe appropriate to them, however that  are much more apply to the Christian terrorists’ and their sect. Even here some confusion might occur among drilled German shepherds now, because hitherto those morons believed the folly that the Christian terrorists’ sect never perpetrated any crime or felony. That is why those dimwits thought to have the right to persecute the rivals and competitors of the Christian terrorists’ sect instructed by the sect’s inquisitors.  A violation of human rights for which their Roman slaveholder just has apologized! Exactly this illustrates the ridiculousness of the theater of the faked remorse. They were hypocrites, they are hypocrites and those terrorists can never exist without hypocrisy.


6.)    Slaveholder Woytilla does not explain respectively fails to see what his confession of the outrageous felonies of his Christian sect means for the Christian " theology ".  Its central message is that its super felon  or super terrorist  Jesus, who is lifted up to their god, had had to perpetrate the felony of usurping the Jewish crown (high treason) in order to die as death penalty convict not for his sins or his felony but allegedly for the sins of mankind. (One never knows how “humble” the Christians’ is: He even became quite an ordinary felon or bandit of high treason…! There are still folks that still doubt about Jesus’ and the Christians’ “humbleness”).  If there are so many calumnies, horrible wars, manslaughters, homicide, assassinations, barbarities and atrocities in the wake of   upper terrorists Jesus  Christ and his sect – and even there are hundred thousand, yes, millions, that died much more barbarous deaths than felon Jesus willfully did --  then one has to say that  lawfully  death penalty convict Jesus died only for the sins and felonies of his own but not for those ones of others. However, the Jesus terrorist had ease his sufferings for the maliciousness of his own by fooling himself a vicarious atonement, so far he did not replace himself by stuntman when execution took place.  Terrorist Jesus Christ caused by (illegally and illegitimately) usurping the Jewish crown  his death penalty. This execution  was just the starting point of the most and most barbarous terrorists and felonies this planet had ever seen. And Jesus wanted these felonies, because of this hatred and this revenge. (Christians, read your New Testament more exactly“). Even if the Roman terrorists fails to see it, implicitly the new Roman declaration of “repentance” admits that the death of Jesus is just a sadistic pleasure of Jesus (perhaps for his sins and felonies) but not a vicarious suffering or atonement what Jesus and his accomplices (Christians) are faking. It was no vicarious atonement but the start of hatred, revenge and barbarous atrocities the planet had never seen before. However, deceivers and terrorists do hide and fake. Otherwise there is no success. The declaration of the pope terrorist tries to veil the utmost felonious trait and mind of Jesus and the Christians.  The sophisticated Christian art of hypocrisy and lying cannot be more impressively illustrated than on Good Friday: There, they wail about the death of a terrorist:

A)   That was sentenced completely rightly to maximum penalty according to the then legal situation and most of the Christian countries even today

B)    Who wanted and provoked his dying

C)   That allegedly lined up his whole life to the maximum penalty

D)   Whose most felonies and atrocities bear no relation to that one that was already judged be worthy of maximum penalty

E)    And whose millions of corpses and massacres of his deliberate instigation of hatred and revenge are relentlessly concealed...

That lacking compassion for their loot (victims) is what makes the Jesus’ or  the Christian sect an utmost abominable terrorists’ sect. This Mafia of hypocrites – that Mafia of terrorists!


For what  purpose do we need a “religion” or sect that  commits  such abhorrent barbarities and that  enslaves humankind? Because  otherwise we will go into hell ? Firstly two third until three quarters of the globe live  well without such threats of psycho terrorists that  lift up themselves as slaveholders and abase others as their slaves..  Secondly, it  was  exactly this bogy that made it easily for that terrorists’ sect to execute without any troubles  their psycho terror on continents and to enslave them! .We do need neither terrorists nor psycho terrorists.


II. Christian slaveholder murders thousands of his Christians slaves in Uganda   

Renewed demonstration of the Christian faking of “protection” of lives



Roman emperor Julian already noticed that Christendo(o)m excites the worst and evil in the human being. In Uganda the Christian terrorists’ sect illustrates the primordial felonious strength of the early Christians.  Already, Peter, Satan (according to his own god Jesus), and rock on which the terrorists’ sect was built assassinated two early Christian parishioners because of sheer greed. More over Peter had set fire to Rome with his Christian conspirators. For those felonies that are already past comprehension Peter and his Christian accomplices put the blame upon the Roman emperor with a silly substantiation that only debunks the Christians as perpetrator. In Rome, there were rather more corpses of Christian atrocities to mourn than in Uganda today.  Those are no incidents but normal occurrences in a sect of terrorism that commands absolute obedience of the salves toward (sometimes claimed) infallible leaders (slaveholders).  In Uganda, a Christian slaveholder clearly tries to compete with Peter and wants to outdo him. About 500 Christian salves he ordered to burn down in a drill hall that the Christian call temple or church.  About 100 corpses further are buried in the grounds of each property of that Christian sect that claimed to reinstate the Ten Commandments.  Even under the concrete floor of the slaveholder’s house the police found about hundred of bodies, some with broken necks or hit skulls. About 5000 slave of that Christian terrorists’ sect are missing. The chain of felonies of that terrorists’ sect never ends.  Wanting to be slaveholders and to protect lives is contradiction that never can be solved. What would the Christians say if such atrocities would happen in another religion? However, all are used that the Christian terrorists’ sect perpetrates barbarities and atrocities. So what…?