The Christians’ Christmas Gifts for the World


Hans Atrott

Author of the book „Jesus‘ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”[1]


Not each liar is a murderer. However, a murderer also is a liar, deceiver and thief. Who wonders that Christian impostors even cribbed the Christmas festival from Mithras religion?

Celebrating the (fancied) birthday of the top instigator of  the Christians’ now admitted cruelties[2]  (Ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus “Christ”) means glorifying the  abominations and withdrawing any repentance,  unless it only was about a trick keeping one’s foul play working, anyway! It is the peak of unscrupulousness purportedly repenting one’s bestialities -- implacably denied for two millennia -- on the one hand, and to continue doing so as if indeed there only was “martyrdom” of “innocent martyrs”, on the other!  Of course, the illegitimate “god” of the negative selection of the Christians was born  but not on December 25. The Christians have “nice” Christmas gifts in stock: 

·         Terror “committed in the service” [3] that the rogues’ morals and lies are reputed as “love”, “charities” and the “truths” or that the world’s top criminals are reputed as “martyrs of the truths”,

·         Bestialities “Against the People of Israel[4],

·         Atrocities against “Peace, the Rights of Peoples, and Respect for Cultures and Religions”[5]

·         Cruelties against the “Dignity of Women (e.g. “witches”) and the Unity of The Human Race”[6]

·         Abominations “in Relation to the Fundamental Rights of the Person”…[7]

Those are the Christians’ offers or  gifts of Christmas and “salvation”! First, here we are talking about 300 millions of massacred ones, the homo scelestus (homo=human scelestus=criminal) could perpetrate since he comes up in Trojan Horses of “religion”, “god” and “ethics” precisely designed for the (almost) perfect crime. Secondly, mass-murders are only one part(!!!) of criminality of Christianity! In addition, the Christians want to make individuals to detest others, in particular, their rivals for similar or even fewer barbarities but to “revere” themselves  as “upholders of morals standards” … This is conditioning to moral incompetence.  

“People should remember the famous witch trials: at that time the most perspicacious and philanthropic judges had no doubt that they were dealing with guilt; the “witches” themselves had no doubts about that point—nonetheless, there was no guilt.”[8]


The author could give contemporary examples that this phenomenon never was and is confined to the witches. Christians train their preys not to realize the depravity of themselves, i.e. that one of the Christian bosses Hereby, the individuals  indirectly and  inadvertently are conditioned to moral incompetence. The mass-murder on the witches to which German philosopher Nietzsche (1844-1900) here clues is not the only evidence that Christianly conditioned societies morally are incompetent but also that


a)      the Christian “ethics” are rogues’ morals designed corresponding to the crimes of Christian criminals (similar to ones one can find among the Mafiosi) to make them imperceptible,

b)      Christians  succeed in unleashing their criminality under moral pretence  so that they can strut as “upholders of moral standards” and

c)      that criminality of Christianity is  imperceptible to those who are Christianly robotized with the Christian rogues’ morals.


Who would believe a serial killer swearing in the dock: Your Honor, I never will perpetrate it again? Where could be repentance without crimes? Please do not only  acquit me but worship me as an upholder of moral standards...


Hans Atrott


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