In the first part of this post, I pointed out that the existence an analogue computer, e.g., precisely predicting eclipses of the sun and moon and other occurrences in the solar system, already 2200 years ago, demonstrates a precise knowledge of the motions of then known planets and moons.

However, still in the year 1633, the “Christian” impostor-terrorists jailed and forced Italian physicist Galileo Galilee (1564-1642) to revoke the fact that the Earth is revolving around the sun…

The knowledge of making a computer precisely predicting eclipses of the sun and moons and other celestial occurrences does not fall from the sky. It presupposes a scientific milieu; the followers of a death penalty convict wiped out. For example, by

“…the burning of the great library (‘Serapeion’) at Alexandria by order of (the state terrorist and emperor) Theodosius (at the instigation of the local bishop-terrorist Cyril) in 389 C.E. ...., the greatest repository of ancient learning in the East.
This precious library housed the 'secrets' of knowledge and science. It contained innumerable scrolls and books pertaining to prophecies, mystery teachings, works of philosophy, ancient occult (hidden) wisdom and, we suspect, much that would have illumined the (true) origins ...of Christianity .

The “Christian” hoodlums were led by an arch-terrorist (dubbed: “saint”) Theophilos who is described as a man of “of perjury, calumny, violence, persecution, lying, cheating, robbing, bearing false witness."[2]2 Very typical of a "Christian" Mafioso!

This is what those paragons of perfidies call “martyrs for love and the truths.” They were very proud of having set fire to this most important library of the ancient world since their top scumbag (dubbed: “son of god,” if not “god”) instigated the conflagration on Rome in the year 64. By the way, until now, the latter is the top terror ever happened in all human history!

He also burnt down what mirrored his inferiority (to himself).
History of “Christianity” teaches that terrorism pays.

In the year 370: Philosopher Simonides is burned alive while philosopher Maximus is decapitated by the perfidious "Christians" howling and wailing for suffering "innocent martyrdom," all over and all the time. And if they have not died in between, they still are howling in that way...

This is the “love” how the “Christians,” i.e., the paragons of hypocrisies, perfidies and would-be greats (dubbed: “god’s chosen ones”) get along with everything being superior to those flops of nature…

The “Christians’” desire for a “Last Judgment” is nothing but the obsession with devastating everything that is superior to those flops of nature that crave “to take the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) while libeling "the Pharisees" for doing so...!

Who wonders that the “Pharisees” are their top psychological projection?

What did the arch-desperado of Canterbury say last week? The answer:
"Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth and love, is defeated through Jesus Christ. Pray for France, for victims, for their communities."[3]

It is another one of the innumerable psychological projections of this negative selection of low lifers calling themselves “Christians.” Let us scrutinize a tad how this “defeat“ becomes worked out.

“Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth and love,” these precisely are the nature, mind and history of the “Christians” scumbags, in particular, demonstrated by their criminal and terrorist record.

Their fake is “god.” He is not their aim.

Their goal is “to take the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) by stopping at nothing, really at nothing, e.g., neither at faking the fomenter of this enormity as a “god” nor at the perfidies to feign this megalomania past description as “modesty,” “humbleness,” “meekness,” “selflessness” or even “self-sacrifice for the benefit of others” …

There are no hypocrisies and perfidies from which those bad lots ever would refrain!

The top “Glad Tiding” of this sort of dastardly terrorists (dubbed: "martyrs of love") is:
Rather a poor, suffering, starving and ignorant world in which we (the cross Mafiosi) take “the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) than a world flourishing with science, technology and wealth, in which we are reputed as that what we are: the last and the scum of the Earth.

Hence, this Mafia systematically massacred everything that was superior to it, in particular, philosophers. In another post below, I already mentioned that, today, the Europeans owe the knowledge of the ancient Greek philosophy to Islam.

For example, as far as Aristotle was known “Christianly” terrorized Europe, it was only by quotations of “Christian” impersonators, i.e., by Boethius, Augustine and Cassiodorus.[4] Plato’s texts completely were unknown in "Christian" Europe for about a millennium.

This is how the cross terrorists achieved “the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) in the Western hemisphere. First, the “Christian” bastards had to replace knowledge by ignorance since only in that darkness lies and hoaxes of tricksters can prosper.

In the year 529, the “Christians” closed the Academy of Science founded by Plato and massacred its last head, a female philosopher to which the male “Christian” impostors could not hold a candle.

About a century before, the "sick needing a physician" (Mt 9:12) obsessed with taking “the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) also bestially murdered (dubbed: "loved") another female astronomer, mathematician and philosopher, i.e. Hypatia (ca. 350/370-415 C.E) in Alexandria (Egypt).

Hypatia, the daughter of Theon the mathematician … (publicly taught) the geometry of Apollonius and Diophantus; and … the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle.”[5]

“… the persons most illustrious for their rank or merit were impatient to visit the female philosopher.” 5

Thus it happened one day that (“Christian” bishop-terrorist with impunity) Cyril … was passing by Hypatia’s house, and he saw a great crowd of people and horses in front of her door. Some were arriving, some departing, and others standing around.
When he asked why there was a crowd there and what all the fuss was about, he was told by her followers that it was the house of Hypatia the philosopher and she was about to greet them.
When Cyril learned this he was so struck with envy that he immediately began plotting her murder and the most heinous form of murder at that

Those are the "Christian" Mafiosi (dubbed: "martyrs for love and the truths")! Rather no science and good life than a world in which we (“Christian” Mafiosi) do not play the first ones in everything (see: Col 1:18), even if humankind has to perish…

Somebody else took the first place than the local Mafia boss. He just wanted to change the ranks of the first and the last even by enormous murder. This is the aim of the “Christian” Mafia since ever.

Here, one again should recall the wisdom of the Baron of Montesquieu:

„LET us not look for magnanimity in despotic governments. The prince cannot impart a greatness which he has not himself: with him there is no such thing as glory.[7]

Despots are state terrorists and so the “Christian” Mafiosi are since the fourth century! Before, they were terrorists without impunity by the state.

“…Hypatia was torn from her chariot, stripped naked, dragged to the church, and inhumanly butchered by the hands of Peter the reader and a troop of savage and merciless fanatics: her flesh was scraped from her bones with sharp oyster-shells, and her quivering limbs were delivered to the flames.”[8]

The triumph of terrorists with impunity, i.e. of the "Christians!" Does not "Christian" terrorism pay? Those are the "early Christian" admired by those dastards, until today!

During a funeral ceremony pertaining to the murder of stupid as insane French youngster on an old “Christian” priest-desperado in France, last week, the “Christian” speakers vowed, verbatim: “This murder never will be condoned, neither here nor elsewhere.” Those are the “warm brothers and sisters of mercy and forgiveness”….!

However, others shall condone them their criminal record no other organized crime can outdo…!

For example, others shall forgive the bestial murder on Hypatia and innumerable ones on philosophers, whom these paragons of dastards murdered just because nature endowed them with better gifts than those confidence tricksters...

Foul play and perfidies are the "social existence" of the failures of nature.

Although having produced an infinite number of books, the “Christians” never could demonstrate: What is the difference to Jesus Christ and Satan or even themselves? "Satan disguises as angel of light" (2Co 11:14). Do not the "Christians" do the same?

"Christians" are no terrorists with impunity? When did those paragons of hypocrisies and perfidies ever become punished for such murders...?

With Hypatia philosophy itself expired in the intellectual metropolis of the world.”[9]

“With her (Hypatia’s) …death in 415 A. D. the Neo-Platonic school of Alexandria collapsed; thus began the Dark Ages ...”[10]

This is what Jesus says,
Terror faked as "love" pays.
This is the "Gospel" of Jesus "Christ,"
The evil's love and catamite!

Hans Atrott
Copyright to the public





In the year 1978, the German federal government asked the "Christian churches" whether it shall install hospices for the dying comparable to the ones in the U.K.

Unlike, in Great Britain, the Mafia was not challenged by a strong Voluntary Euthanasia movement, at that time. So, the perfidiously "compassionate" flatly declined any hospices in that country, quite according to their nature of "the poor in spirit" (Mt 5:3). This rejection finally was an incentive to the author to set up an association for voluntary euthanasia in Germany.  By the years, the author became that popular in Germany so that even the pulp magazines became interested in him. The terrorists always tried frightening their prey by a fear of death. This was finally their psychological terror to make their prey stick to them. Now, the people were not afraid of death but of dying. For their last days in life, folks did not apply to the "Christian" Mafia but to the author.  One of the most popular figures became someone who openly rejected "Christianity." This was to change like the popularity of Hypatia was to change.

The terrorists and their henchmen, now trying to cant that Hypatia and the author are not to compare miss seeing that at Hypatia's time, the "Christian" Mafiosi argued in a similar way towards her.  She purportedly was no martyr but only got what she deserved... Quite the contrary, the murderers on Hypatia, i.e. the “Christian” terrorists, claimed to be “martyrs” and Hypatia being the terrorist… Who did (or does?) not agree only was a hater of the “Christians” …!

What an ignominy to hate the bestial murderers of Hypatia…!

What a shame to hate the top bestial terrorists, in all human history! 

What a disgrace, not to love the "Christians'" criminal and terrorist record...!


Never mention what the “Christians” hate in their Trojan Horse of “love,” “charities” and “selfless commitment for the benefit of others” etc.…!

The murder on Hypatia until today, never became admitted by the "Christian" Mafia. The are no liars lying more ruthlessly and unscrupulously for their profit than the “modest,” “meek,” “humble” and “selfless Christians.”

Of course, they could not take the contemporary media star out of his home, strip him naked, massacre him in their church and scrap the flesh from his bones by knives or oyster-shells.


However, according to the terrorists' top credos: a) faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway and b) do not resist the evil (Mt 5:39), the invented legal matters as "illegal ones" etc. 


By referring to the top liar among all the humans and animals, Ben-Pandera (dubbed: “Jesus Christ”), they perjured that helping people to die by chemical was a crime according to then German laws.

Who does not believe it has to do to hell. However, what the author performed was no violation of the then German law.

So, "the poor in spirit" (Mt 5:3) became intimidated that they have to go to hell if keeping to the truths and refraining from the terrorists’ crimes. As they always did, they turned a whole nation into a wave of hatred (dubbed: "love to the enemy," "charities of Christianity") like they turned entire Alexandria into a hell of hate on Hypatia.


Without making the entire population beasts of hatred, they neither could succeed in bestially murdering Hypatia nor in illegally jailing the author and destroying his existence.

Then and today, the felons and terrorists out of hatred wanting "to take the first place in everything" (Col 1:18), i.e. "Christians," just projected the nature of their victims (being martyrs) on themselves and the real nature of theirs (being criminal, felons and murderers) on their victims (psychological projections).

By this annotation, the author wants to demonstrate that if one keeps bad lots, low lifers and the dregs of humankind as upholders of moral standards, terrorism stays terrorism but only masks itself by perfidies out of bounds and becomes a still   more perilous state-terrorism.



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