Hans Atrott

Do not the “humbly” and “modest Christians” flatter themselves allegedly having produced tremendous blessings to the world? However, the only “blessing” they really produced is their criminal record denied for millennia by perfidious “the martyrs for the truths”…

By the way, did you ever hear that a murderer became acquitted because he helped an old woman crossing the street?

It was in the year 1901. What became detected was so revolutionary that it changed the history about science and technology of pre-Christian times, known until then. Some “wiseacres” wanted to save the “honor” of “Christ” and the “Christians” by claiming aliens from another star as the producers of the Computer of Antikythera.


It is the first ever computer in human history produced before the year 205 B.C.E., i.e., more than 2200 years ago.


At the shore of the Isle of Antikythera, a few divers were searching for sponges on the grounds of the Mediterranean.  This island is located near Crete, not far away from the Peloponnese (in the North). Suddenly, on the ground, the divers faced the remains of a ship that had sunk, long ago.

 Besides statues, vessels, vases and other utensils, they found an amorphous lump of bronze.  At its back, there seemed to be a cogged gear.  This made the matter interesting.

For about hundred years, the paragons of hypocrisies and perfidies could impede the truths about this find tearing down their mask of the world’s uppermost would-be-greats.

Cutting a long story short, finally, in the year 2006 the researches furnished evidence that it is about the first ever computer dating from the third century B.C.E., at latest from the year 205 B.C.E. (It predicts an event for this year).

The Antikythera analogue computer “was capable of calculating phases of the Moon, positions of planets, and eclipses. The technology, more than 2,000 years old, predates other inventions by more than 1,000 years. Astronomical predictions are carried out utilizing around 40 differential gears and cogs.[i] [ii]

Such a computer presupposes an exact knowledge of the motions of the planets and the moon.

This means that personages like, for example, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 –1543) placing the sun instead of the Earth as the center of the Solar System and hereby purportedly triggered what today is called the “Copernican Revolution” or Johannes Kepler (1571 –1630) were not the first individuals explaining the laws of the planetary motions.

They were no discoverers for which they are reputed but liberators of science from the monkey-Christ and his cross criminals.

The “knowledge” of “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) and their donkey-Christ was the following one:

“For the earth does not move. Were it to move, it would fall.”[iii]

My word, what a donkey as fake of “omniscient god!” The monkey presuming “to take the first place in everything” (Col. 1:18) got this “divine knowledge” from an inference of his top credo of megalomania: Faith shifts mountains[iv] and the truths anyway...


Those who do not believe in his imbecility (e.g., that “the Earth does not move”) “only” do so because they do not believe enough and consequently, are to burn while being alive… If the bedlam (dubbed: “faith”) of “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) really shifts mountains, then it also stops the Earth revolving around the sun…!

About 1800 years after the Computer of Antikythera, in the year 1633 the cross-Mafiosi bluffing to act on god’s behalf if not being “god” himself (“The one who believes is a god,” Martin Luther) forced the Italian physicist Galileo Galilee (1564-1642) verbatim:

"to abjure, curse and detest"

that the Earth is not the center of the universe and moves.

This happens if one keeps (cross) terrorists as one's “upholders of moral standards” or even as one’s “gods.”

What “blessings” of the Mafia in a Trojan Horse of a “religion!” Honest scientists became arrested for correct and significant cognitions because “gorillas” compulsively want “to take the first place in everything” (Col 1:18).

Epidemics and scourges like, for example, the pestilence killing humans in almost such large a scale like cross criminals did and do, could not be fought and defeated because the cross-Mafiosi impeded everything that is beyond their horizon…

My word, those are the “blessings” of the ape-Christ and the peacock-Christians to the world!   You never know what happens if a negative selection of the vindictive, i.e., of the depraved, losers, cripples, miscarriages of nature and born criminals (dubbed: “the sick needing a physician”4) really succeeds in snatching the first place in everything…

Then, the cross criminals do not only accomplish their ignorance, idiocies and criminal nature as the “highest values” but instantly start setting up hell on Earth, i.e., terror as triumph of the spiteful losers.

This computer of Antikythera proves that (criminality of) “Christianity” has stolen about one and a half millennium of our civilization’s progress. What this uncovers, one hardly can describe.

For example, it means that technological standard we have today (2016 C.E), we already could have had achieved in the year 1000 C.E. or even in 500 C.E. or what level already could be in 2016 C.E., perhaps will come into existence in the year 3016 C.E. or  3516 C.E., etc.

French Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755), one of the fathers of modern democracy once wrote:

LET us not look for magnanimity in despotic governments. The prince cannot impart a greatness which he has not himself: with him there is no such thing as glory.[v]

This despotism, Mafia and/or terrorism has a name: The Christians being compulsively disordered with the “humbleness” “to take the first place in everything (Col 1:18), even if all humankind has to perish.  Basically, there are two ways in which this foul play is perpetrated:

a) If the political power is sufficient, everything what is superior to cross criminals becomes destroyed.  b) In the power is insufficient, the things become faked as property of the quacks. Hand on heart, what splendid plume the “modest,” “humble” and “meek” cross terrorists do not try filching in order to strut in them?

This is what they call “the blessings” (of the dregs of humankind) to the world… The cross criminals rather lay the whole planet in ruins than to admit a greatness of others the  cross crooks in women’s dresses do not keep…

The “blessing" of the cross Mafia to the world is its criminal and terrorist record...!

Perfidy and criminality,

Those are the “blessings” of “Christianity”, i.e., how terrorism in the Trojan Horse of a "theist religion" ruthlessly and unscrupulously does exist at the expenses of their fellow humans, respectively, all humankind!

Hans Atrott





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