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Hans  Atrott
Aka: Hans Henning Atrott
Past-President - Founder - Philosopher - Book Writer - former CEO -
 Gentleman of Leisure

Author of the books:

"Jesus' Bluff - The Universal Scandal of the World" and

"Cross and Crime - 'Jesus Came to Crucify the World' (The Gospel of Philip)"




At the age of 6 years


As the chairman of East Prussian

Students in Germany, 25 years


At the age of 33 years










Married to Anita Atrott  since 1978






As president of D.H.G.S.  in 1992



The Atrott family in 1987




Promoting voluntary euthanasia with

heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard (1922-2001) in

Europe, in 1985


Written  by Jaime

(America Star Books)

Hans Henning Atrott, also Hans Atrott, (born 12 January 1944 in Memel, East Prussia now Klaipéda, Lithuania) is notable for his commitment in worldwide right-to-die movement and as a critic of Christianity. He can find himself on multiple websites, some of which consider him a major contributor to the philosophy of human history.

Hans Atrott studied philosophy, sociology (of medicine) and political science.

He commits himself to social justice and equates writing to composing a symphony as there is nothing difficult or easy about the process. The end result is what is important.


Born in Klaipéda, Lithuania, during the end of World War II, Hans was a victim of the Nazi invasion. His parents died during the war, and due to the German invasion in his country, he was thereafter considered German when they evacuated his homeland and forced him to go to Germany.


Rebelling against forced political and religious ideals, Hans began a life in search of truth that led him to banishment from a German university after rejecting Christianity. Having studied philosophy and political science, eventually becoming one of the first people to support voluntary euthanasia. He worked with many prominent medical professionals to advance the social importance of the right-to-die movement.


Originally, he planned to make his career in science, but his social and religious beliefs prevented him from moving forward with it. Instead, Hans became the executive director of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. He founded many organizations that promoted euthanasia and educated people about something that much of the world considers taboo.


While working, he wrote and edited books, such as the Proceedings of the First International Aeromedical Congress. Much of his writing revolved around the work he was doing.


In his later years, he began focusing on his rejection of Christianity. After exiling from Germany in 1995, he began entertaining more personal goals. He has much more time to write now, unless he’s fulfilling familial obligations.


At 73, Hans lives in Los Gigantes, Tenerife Island, which is part of the Canary Islands that belong to Spain. He has been married to Anita since 1978 and is a father and grandfather.


Now that Hans has books in circulation, he has discovered a newfound fame. He can find himself on multiple websites, some of which consider him a major contributor to the philosophy of human history. He deserves that recognition, though, as he commits himself to advancing social and humane progress of humankind.

Hans considers his first book, Jesus’ Bluff: The Universal Scandal of the World, his most important work. In this controversial book, Jesus has deceived the world, and Hans presents a time line of events that counter everything we know about the birth of Christianity.


In Cross and Crime: “Jesus Came to Crucify the World” (The Gospel of Philip), the speculation continues as Hans discusses Heaven and Hell and the true meaning behind biblical text. Hans Atrott has plans to write an autobiographical novel next, using himself as inspiration for the events. He thinks that life  writes the best novels and not fiction.


And Hans will forever be grateful for publishing companies like America Star Books that are changing the publishing industry and going against the grain, allowing him the freedom to publish such works.



The following US-English books also contain a short biography of mine:



1.) The book: "German Activists" edited by Hephaestus Books, published in 2011 (click here), to compare the prices for that book click here.

2.) The book: "People from Klaipéda" -- my hometown situated at the Baltic Sea in Lithuania (European Union) (click here).

Both books are to get by Barnes&Noble. Barnes&Noble also sells my book "Jesus' Bluff" as well as copy as a Nook (E-)Book.


Biographies of Hans Atrott are available in various languages. For the respective language, the following web page is recommended:


US-English: The book: "People from Klaipéda" -- my hometown situated in Lithuania (European Union) - also contains a biography on me. The book can be acquired at Barnes&Nobles (click here).


























The first newspaper report on me: August 20, 1954 - when I was 10 years of age


Translation of the original newspaper report "Memeler Dampfboot" 08/20/1954 (click here): We got the following information among others: Hans Henning Atrott from Memel, Kirchenstrasse 3 (Churchstreet No. 3) is son of the minister Atrott from the James Community, who still is reported be missing, whereas his wife Edith has died. At present, the boy is with his maternal grandparents in Mecklenburg (East Germany).

Some Datas about my Life:

Born on January 12, 1944, in Klaipéda (Lithuania), a port town at the Baltic Sea. My family stems from Bačkininkėliai (click here), an ancient holy place of Lithuanian Paganism deep in the heart of Lithuania. My father (Wilhelm Atrott, Lithuanian name: Wilhelmas Atrottas, who was born 09/02/1904 in Bačkininkėliai in Lithuania click here for a picture) was a Protestant minister in Minor Lithuania, i. e. in Wieszen (1932-1934) (click here) and in Kretingale, which today also belongs to Klaipéda (1934-1938) ), (click here), and later in the very city of  Klaipéda (German name: Memel), (James Church, from 1938-1944) (click here), where I was born. He and my mother (Edith Atrott) died before the end of WWII, i.e., in the first year of my life. Philosophically, the town of Klaipéda is a tad renowned. The grandfather of philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) moved from Scotland to Klaipéda. Kant's grandfather and father also lived in my hometown. Later Kant's father moved about hundred miles southwards to Koenigsberg, then the capital of German province of East Prussia. Kant is known as destroyer of Christian "theology", in particular, of its proofs on the "evidence of god". In addition, the Baltic countries are the ones that resisted enslaving to Christianity more than other Europeans ones. So, it seams being no accident that enlightenment and deliberation comes from this place.

See: Pictures of mine from Klaipéda (Lithuania) - click here




Additional Information

  • As Lithuanian child of one year without parents deported to Germany (so I was made "German citizen")...  One can say that I am "German" by deportation. I always felt as foreigner in this xenophobic country.

  • I studied Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology (I have a degree comparable to a US-Master degree in Political Science). Already as student of philosophy in a madly Catholic milieu,  I had big troubles with the Christian would-be "philosophers"...

  • Married to Anita since 1978 (see: pictures, above).

  • 1982-1984 Executive Director of World Federation of Right to die Societies (promotion of voluntary euthanasia, among others, together with Christiaan Barnard and Edmund Hillary)

Main Works


  • Contributions to numerous books - see at Google books

  • Author of website:

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