My  Klaipéda (also kown as Memel)  - the place where I(Hans Atrott)  was born

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Solar System, Planet Earth, Coordinates: 55°42′N 21°08′E / 55.7°N 21.133°E. This is Klaipéda! Trees, ships, waters, lawns  and everywhere a place to sit down and relax.  Klaipéda is Luthuania's only port and  the  northernmost ice free harbor, at the East coast of the Baltic Sea. The image shows a sail ship on river Danes (German: Dange). In the foreground, a monument of a Pagan Lithuanian hero. Among the Europeans, the Balts at the longest were able to resist (criminality of) Christianity.

                                  The city is more than 750 years old.

Klaipéda port, the Curonian Lagoon,  Curonian Spit and at the horizon: the Balic Sea

Landmarks of Kleipéda: Image above: the fountain figure of Anniken of Tharau with the theater
 in the background. In summer, one daily can see German tourist groups at the brim of the fountain singing heart-breaking songs. Picture below: Stock Exchange Bridge (Boersenbruecke, Tiltu Birzos)  -  downtown.


  Downtown Klaipéda, seen from the banks of river Danes to the East







                             River Danes flowing into the Curonian Lagoon. The ferry habor for  crossing the Curonian Lagoon.


  The old Post Office of Klaipéda

Ships in the Curonian Lagoon



Prewar Narrow Gauge Train Station (German:  Bahnhof der Vorkriegskleinbahn in Memel), today a restaurant






The house of my parents and the first address in my life - Expropriated by the Communists in 1945 and never returned to me as the only heir of my parents by the Lithuanian authorities. The Lutheran Church of Klaipéda has pilfered it and makes money with the property of its very enemy.



Thurgaus Gatve (Market Street, German: Marktstrasse)


                                                                        Tiltu Gatve (prewar: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse)  today

Timber frame houses in the Old Town

 The Beach of the Curonian Spit  (to the Baltic Seaside), on an evening  in

Melnragné  Beach (German: Mellneraggen) - A  15 minutes  drive from downtown Klaipéda


Way in the dunes of Melnragné Beach

Concerthall -- (prewar: Shooters' House, German: "Schützenhaus") - execellent music for small money....!




Klaipéda - Railway Station - the yellow part stems from prewar time, the red one was built in the 1980ties


In the woods of  the Curonian Spit


















  The skies  are the limits - modern skyscrapers in downtown Klaipeda 




 Old storage houses at the banks of river Danes -  today used for restaurants and entertainment.








   The  shores of the Curonian Spit to the Baltic Seaside - a hundred miles long white beach...!









Old (preserved)  architecture.



When the Soviets occupied Klaipéda, afar,
The hometown seemed to be on another star!
Now, the Soviets have gone,
Again,  freedom has won!
(Hans Atrott, June 2011)


German Translation:

Als die Sowjets okkupierten Memel in der Ferne,

Da erschien die Heimat wie auf einem anderen Sterne!

Doch nun ist dieser Spuk vorbei,

Und Memel endlich wieder frei!

(Hans Atrott, Juni 2011)















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