Chapter: 9,  Part: 8 - Miscellaneous  - or the Christian "Martyrdom"in the lunatic Asylum
 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime
Jesus is the savior n' god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs and swine!




Aphorism and  verses of joke on the homo scelestus (homo=human, scelestus=criminal), i.e. Jesus "Christ"  and his Christians


When reading this webpage, please, do not forget that Satan, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and their henchmen

(Christians) want you to feel very, very sorry for them ...



The evil is stalking the streets,

When the Christians meet!


Who says there's no such criminality,

That one does not know Christian perfidy!


That is what Jesus says,

Crime veiled by perfidies pays!


This is the "gospel" of Jesus "Christ",

Satan's very catamite!


If you are a filthy wreck

You should join Christian sect!


There  rogues feign to be innocent,

And that's no tale of Disneyland!

For Christians everything is smooth,

If the audience is full of wolves n' fools!


For the sins of the evil died this Jesus monkey,

Cracking this joke the Christian rogues make money!



Our Jesus, murder bomb,

From desperadoes' catacomb!


Your deceits and folly,

We always sham to be holy!


Your underhand foul play shall be granted,

By us it always will be canted.


Holy be Eucharist feat,

It's you we Christian cannibals want to eat!


Your crimes will be done!

As long the world has not gone!


Our "Constantine Donation" give us today,

Cause even a Christian underhand cannot murder all the way!


And finally free us from our bad conscience,

That always threatens us with vengeance!


Consider, since you want to be worshiped our "god":

We never want to know that we are poor old sods!


And yours are the rats,

The pope traps!


And the creeps n' crooks,

Stooping to your spooks!


And the shit,

In the pit!


And all the underhand,

Without end!




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Christians feign "god" as  triple,

For the revenge on humankind of a cripple!



The evil  everywhere occurs,

At most, among Christian curs!


Faith shifts mountains all the time,

And the truths very fine!

Christianity, Christianity,

Perfidy, infamy and depravity!

 When Satan in the desert  kissed  his catamite,

Then came into being the sect of Jesus Christ!

If you experience  wily hypocrites,

It is about the henchmen of Jesus "Christ"

What the Christians  lack by poor nature,

They try cribbing by  moral failure!

Oh yes, I am the great pretender,

Called Jesus "Christ",

Being of Satan’s gender!

If you are a jerk, mug n’ schmuck,

You coach is Jesus, this thug!

He pats you on your back,

Until you have fallen for his trap!


If you are a swine,

Jesus will be for you fine!

For the most swine on Earth,

Want to become Christian, first!

 Everything Jesus offers he  shams,

And the bastards n’ dastards are his fans!

Those are  the mon(k)ey-Christ's spooks,

For enslaved and brainwashed goofs!

There is no perfidy,

Like Christianity!


Oh, When Christian “saints”.

Go marching hell,

To devour one another, well.

I do not want to be in that number,

They are the hell’s fires’ lumber!


All the dastards,

Want to become Christian bastards!


Do you see that ranting  swine, over there?

It's a Christian lying for Jesus, everywhere,

Dastards, bastards and flops of nature,

Want as "god"  the same vengeful  failure.


By foul play   Christians conceal the verse,

That a hanged one by god is accursed! (De 21:23)

Christian sect,

Satan's toilet!

Christian schmucks,

Catch dumb nuts!


And if in their traps are no mugs,

Then it is about rouges, villains and thugs.

All the goofs,

Join Christian spoofs!

Christianity, Christianity!

Is criminality n' bestiality!

Christianity is bestiality,

Calumny, perfidy, infamy and depravity!


From its very principle and very outset,

Not as a matter of faith but as one of fact!


Shame on bestiality,

Shame on Christianity!

Christian foul mouths’  fight,

Is nothing but perfidy n' spite!


Victims crying at the stake,

Christ and Christians are Satan’s fake!

The anus also is the mouth,

That  is what Christendo(o)m is about!


The evil to find was hard, god felt.

So, he sent Satan to the  world.


He made Satan as ugly as a rat,

God gave to him  one limping leg,

And found  the Christians in this trap.



Since Christians cannot bear the truths (Joh 16:12),

They strut in pilfered plumes!


Christians are insidious, perfidious and sly,

But always smarm  to be as nice as pie!


Why does Jesus "love" lies, deceit and crime? 

He bears the marks of Satan's catamite!


And why is he that beloved by Christian sects?

Because Christians want to avenge similar defects!


Oh yes, Jesus is the great pretender,

Pretending that he was “god”,

This bloody poor sod n’ hog!

The mugs and duffers of the globe,

Cheer the Christian tyrant pope!

All the dastards,

Are loot for Christian bastards!

Jesus pats you on your back,
Until you are fallen for his trap!

All the hogs in the bog,

Say "Christ" is my "god"!


Christian rats,

Lure into their traps!

Satan  deems a Jesus fart,

To be very smart!

Victims crying at the stake,

"Christ" is Satan’s fake!


Perfidy, infamy and bestiality,

This is the true Christian trinity!

What is the Christians’ “god’s” word?

It is one  of a  genuine swineherd!


Satan has a catamite,

His name? Jesus "Christ" !

There are rogues n' frogs,

And some of them run Christian frocks!

Will you perpetrate foul play,
Jesus’ coaching is o.k.!

Because they mix up god n’ sod,
Jesus is the swine's god!

Not god but mire,

The Christians worship and admire!

As "Christ" Satan lurks.

The same do Christian jerks.

As Crucified he emerges!


By god he is accursed!

To the World he is the worst!


Where are the most underhand?

In Christianity, the Jesus gang!


There is no hypocrite,

Like Jesus "Christ" !


The accursed one by god,

This poor bloody sod!


This feigning n’ faking cur,

Disguised in a glossy fur!

I am Jesus "Christ" the great impostor,

Befouling  and megalomania I foster!

That is Jesus "Christ's" bare nature of  trinity,

His deformity, avenge and bestiality of Christianity!

Jesus "Christ" , Jesus "Christ" !

Man’s deceiver and hypocrite!


Full of lies, full of spite!

Make truths dark like the night!


Convicted felon by a fair court,

Lurks the felons, last and losers, first!


Taking revenge in the bog and murk,

Those are the “glad tidings” of this jerk!


It is Jesus  the aping Christ ,

The underhand foul player full of spite.


For him individuals are only sheep and dogs,

And so he becomes the "god" of those  poor sods!


"Jesus Christ" , "Jesus Christ" –

He's  Satan  to the right!


Listen to this “glad tiding”,

A felon is contriving.


He gulls  into fighting on god,

All the poor bloody sods!


Stealthy and open spite, hatred and revenge,

The  Christian schmucks fancy no  end!


That’s the way Christan  monkey, monkey, monkey,

Wants to make money, money, money!




That is what Jesus “Christ” needs,

Foul players, rogues, villains and thieves!


Otherwise nobody is to be redeemed,

And therefore nobody can  be deceived.


Without Christians’ perfidy, infamy and  grudge,

Jesus "Christ"  and his sect would go bankrupt!


Without  felons and foul mouths of the worst,

Jesus  cannot smarm to them being the “first”!

 Jesus ingratiating himself as swineherd,

Truths and love he shams, feigns n’ hurts,

And bloodily he smarms over the curs in furs!

Satan loves his catamite!

His name?: "Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ" !

To John Jesus was smarmily polite,

He took his dick off with a knife!

That way, John's life was "sacrificied",

To Satan's Christ ending  up by suicide!


There is no spite!

Like Jesus "Christ" !

 That is Jesus and  his poor bloody sods,

Hatred and war  against god!


Do you want to  know Satan's  sect?

It is smarmy Christian toilet!


For Jesus and the Christians is much at stake,

That is why they even put up with all fakes!

Eunuch Jesus, late at night!

Caught with Lazarus, his catamite (Secret gospel of Mark)!

Venomous Christianity,

Misery, fattens on misery!

Lo, this is Jesus “Christ”,

With all his inveterate spite!

Convicted felon by a fair court,
Lurks the felons, last and losers, first!
Taking revenge in the bog and murk,
Those are the “glad tidings” of this jerk!


Satan loves his catamite,
That is called Jesus "Christ" .
Both have in mind,
The marriage of perfidy and spite!

These are the accursed of god,
Jesus, Christians and similar sod!

Jesus "Christ's" bags,
Are full of rats!


And his heart,

Is like a shark!


Do you want to commit unscrupulously crimes?
First, adopt the “morals” and “love” of Jesus "Christ" !

All the crooks n’ goofs,
Believe Christ's  spoofs!

Because of Christ foul mouths’ unquenchable grudge,
The terms of god, love and truths Christians fudge!

That is the Christian foul mouths’ organized crime!
That is what those dregs perpetrate fine!
With a Mafioso as self-made god,
They suck and suck that bog!

Christian foul mouths, felons with halo!
Christ and Christians, we know!
Schmucks, knifemen in luxurious disguise!
Torture mind and life of humankind!

Satan’s Christ is accepting the felons and sinners,
And everybody that is grudging the winners!

This cracking fart,
Christians deem to be art!

Whoever loves Jesus,
Devours  feces!

Jesus "Christ" has never-ending muck,
For the world’s perfidious schmucks!

And he fabricated a lot of mire,
The Christian sheep rapturously admire!

Nobody ever produced more feces,
As the felon sentenced to the gallows: Jesus!





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